What are the Different Wooden Picket Fence Styles?

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The style of any wooden picket fence should fit the aesthetic of the house around which it is being built, so the variations on the designs are nearly endless. The most common wooden picket fence designs include a traditional, colonial-style picket fence, Gothic and French Gothic style wooden picket fence, fences with flat-top pickets, fences with dog-ear pickets, and fences of varied spacing patterns. The size of each picket may vary as well, both in height and in width, to create a look that specifically complements the look of a particular home. The style of the posts can vary as well to complement both the fence and the home the fence surrounds.

The most common wooden picket fence is the traditional colonial style. This type of fence very often features white wooden pickets that are peaked at the top. Each picket is the same size and shape, and they are spaced apart from each other to allow sunlight and air to pass through. Such spacing also allows passers-by to see through the fence at any landscaping or gardening features the yard may contain. A gate is very often included in the construction of the fence, generally at the foot of a walkway that leads to a front door. The gate is similar in construction and style to the rest of the fence. The pickets can also be affixed so no gaps exist between each picket, creating a tighter, more private look.


Gothic style wooden picket fence designs feature pickets that are more decorative at their peaks. The tops of the pickets may feature a more curved look at the peak, and the French Gothic style features cut outs at the base of each peak to accent the top of the fence. Dog-ear pickets are flat on top, and the top corners of the pickets are cut at an angle. When two pickets are placed closely next to each other, the cuts at the top of each picket form a V between the two pieces of wood. Flat top pickets are similar to dog-ear pickets, but they do not feature any cuts at the top of the picket.

The height of the individual pickets can be varied to create a more flashy wooden picket fence. The pickets can be cut to form peaks between posts, or valleys. This can be done with any style of picket, and the variances can be changed easily to create a custom look to fit the builder's plans.


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