What are the Different Witch Hazel Uses?

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Used medicinally for hundreds of years, witch hazel has a variety of properties which make it a useful treatment for numerous issues. A wide range of skin problems can be treated with it, as can issues with the eyes. The tannins it contains help to tighten up blood vessels, making it an effective treatment for issues involving swollen veins or bleeding. Another of the common witch hazel uses is for relief of problems in the digestive system.

One of the many witch hazel uses is to treat skin issues. The antibacterial and astringent properties of witch hazel make it useful for treating acne and other blemishes. It may be applied to dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis to help clear them. Minor cuts, burns, and sores on the skin may heal more rapidly when treated with witch hazel; it can be found in products like aftershave lotion to avoid infection from nicks and cuts or in mouthwashes to help heal canker sores. It can alleviate the itching of rashes such as those from poison ivy or diaper rash, and help them to clear. Itchy insect bites may also be soothed and healed.

Witch hazel can also be used for problems with the eyes. When applied in eye drops, it may help soothe eyes that are sore, injured, or inflamed. Certain eye infections may also be treated with witch hazel.


Another of the witch hazel uses is for problems involving swelling of blood vessels. Witch hazel helps to constrict veins, so painful issues such as varicose veins often respond well to treatment with it. Hemorrhoid creams and ointments often contain witch hazel for this reason as well. Application to bruises can help relieve pain and swelling and speed healing.

Stopping bleeding is another of the many witch hazel uses. It may be used to help reduce the flow of a heavy menstrual period. It may be ingested by those who are coughing or vomiting up blood. Certain medications may include it as an ingredient to help control minor bleeding, both internally and externally.

Taking witch hazel internally may help with certain digestive issues. People suffering from diarrhea may find relief; it can also help with constipation. Nausea and vomiting often respond well to ingestion of witch hazel. Those with mucous colitis, or irritable bowel syndrome, may also take it to soothe their condition.


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Post 3

My mom would clean our cuts and scrapes with witch hazel when we were growing up.

Now, I use witch hazel on my face, in place of toner. Witch hazel is an astringent so it does the same thing. It dries up acne, shrinks pores and helps with blemishes too.

I've even used witch hazel to clean my hair. I didn't have time to wash my hair once, so I sprayed some witch hazel on my scalp and hair, brushed it through and blow dried it for a few minutes. The oily feeling in my hair disappeared immediately.

Witch hazel is such a multipurpose product. Everyone should have a bottle at home.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Yes, my eye wash contains witch hazel. But I'm sure that this witch hazel is different than what is sold in stores as toners. So don't pick up just any witch hazel product and put it in your eye. That could be dangerous. Make sure that the witch hazel is formulated to use in eyes, like eye washes or eye drops. The same applies to ingesting witch hazel. The product must be labeled safe for internal use. It's a good idea to ask a doctor before using it in my opinion.

Post 1

Witch hazel can be applied to eyes?! I had no idea about this. I didn't know that it could be ingested either.

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