What Are the Different Wire Mesh Products?

Esther Ejim

Wire mesh refers to categories of products that are made by weaving metal strands in a sort of interlocking manner in order to create useful items that may be applied to different capacities. The exact diameter of the separate strands are determined by the exact category of wire mesh products for which they will be used. Different types of wire mesh products are also defined by how they will be applied, creating separate categories that are based on the final use for the product. As such, the types of wire mesh products include door screens, fences, window barriers, household storage units, decorative articles, kitchen utensils and fireplace spark screens.

Wire mesh is often used to make safety devices like fireplace screens.
Wire mesh is often used to make safety devices like fireplace screens.

An example of a category of mesh products is the wire mesh fences that are usually made with larger strands of wire, as opposed to other wire mesh products that may be made with smaller strands. The purpose of such fences could be to demarcate property, to keep livestock inside an enclosure, or to keep people or animals out of a restricted area. Other people might use them for more aesthetic purposes since they serve the purpose of a fence, while still allowing for views from either side of the fence as a consequence of the openings in the mesh pattern. Wire mesh products may also be used to make screens for doors and windows as a means of protecting the inhabitants of the house from insect attacks by serving as barriers preventing the entry of such insects. Some wire mesh products also include the types of wire mesh that are used in making window barriers as a means of protecting the inhabitants of the home from invasion.

Other categories of such mesh products may also be utilized to create different types of products that may be put to use within the home for various purposes. For example, wire mesh products may be used to make kitchen utensils like sieves for straining different types of food items and for the storage of various foods. Another application of wire mesh products in the home includes the use of such materials for making objects like fireplace guards that serve the purpose of protecting the home from the harmful effects of fire sparks. Even in industrial settings, wire mesh is utilized in different capacities both in the construction of machinery and in the construction of barriers that protect workers from particularly dangerous equipment.

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