What are the Different Wellness Director Jobs?

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Career opportunities in the wellness industry are expanding. Wellness jobs today can encompass many different specialties that provide overall health and wellness enhancement. Wellness director jobs can be found in just about any field that is of interest to the practitioner.

The wellness industry covers just about any profession dedicated to improving overall health. The focus is on treating the body as a whole. This form of health care includes therapy and coaching services to include the body, mind and spirit. A wellness director oversees the development and the day-to-day operations of a wellness center.

Wellness careers often demand advanced education through certification or licensure programs, depending on the profession chosen and the location of the practice. Wellness director jobs can be obtained through traditional methods or by creating a unique opportunity based on the preferences of the practitioner. Many wellness directors design business opportunities especially crafted to their individual needs and career goals.

Wellness director jobs are diverse and available in a variety of different settings. These positions can encompass wellness coaching or consulting, corporate or employee wellness programs, and health risk assessment programs. Many wellness director positions may be responsible for the direction and program development of several different wellness practitioners.


The wellness director job can be more specific. For example, coaching and consulting can include anything from green living to personal fitness to life counselors. Director positions can be found at salons and spas that use alternative therapy techniques such as massage therapy, aromatherapy or stone therapy.

Many health care facilities are expanding their views to include more comprehensive wellness services. These are good locations for wellness directors with advanced training in things like acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, etc. Cancer centers, for example, may have a wellness program to include massage therapists for lymph drainage techniques, dietitians for dietary needs and cognitive-behavioral therapists for relaxation and assistance with coping mechanisms. Physical rehabilitation centers, on the other hand, may utilize wellness directors familiar with personal fitness instructors, cognitive therapists and pain management professionals.

Wellness director jobs can be traditional in nature, or unique and creative depending on the training and determination of the wellness professional. Many wellness directors have prior working experience before entering a director position, as this requires a certain amount of know-how and expertise that can only be obtained through experience. They often explore many different options, including starting a business or creating a unique position within a company, before finding that perfect opportunity.


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