What are the Different Web Design Solutions?

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Web design solutions are software tools used to assist in the design and implementation of a website. A web site is created using computer programming code that can be interpreted by a web browser. This code is attached to a specific Internet protocol (IP) address and given a user-friendly name, or universal reference link (URL). The way a web site looks and functions is determined when the design is finalized. Creating, editing and testing the website before making it available to the public requires specific tools that are included in web design solutions.

There are two categories of web design solutions: graphical and functional. The categories are consistent with the different skill sets necessary to create and maintain a modern website. The level of sophistication available in a web design solution is related to the cost of the software. The most expensive tools often have the greatest level of customer support. There are several open source solutions that provide access to time-saving functions that can be quite useful.


The skills necessary to use web design solutions include advanced computer programming skills in web languages, experience working with relational databases and a basic understanding of web server hardware. Post-secondary educational institutions are the best place to gain this knowledge, because they offer all of the courses required as well as access to the various software solutions used in the industry. Building on this foundation, web designers can learn new languages and skills as the tools evolve over time.

The way a website appears is determine by the graphical user interface (GUI). Humans are visual creatures, and the overall appearance has a huge impact on the decision making process. Studies have shown that people will return to websites with key design elements more often than site without these elements. The best design solutions include an image library, support for online movies or animation and an expanded color palette. Web design solutions often include templates for basic, intermediate and advanced websites.

How a website behaves is controlled by the functionality included in the design. A solution that supports the current needs of the site and has the ability to incorporate future enhancements usually is preferred by website owners. The ability to download a dictionary of other web programming languages is one indicator of this feature. Web design solutions that have not been updated within the past 12 months could be problematic, because this technology changes rapidly. Only a fully supported solution will remain viable in the long run.


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Post 8

With so many free places where you can create your own website, can someone really make a living having their own web design business?

I have a friend who is very talented when it comes to understanding computer programs and wants to go in to business for himself designing websites.

He has done a few for some local businesses on the side, and thinks he will be able to quit his job and do this full time.

I just wonder if having someone like him design a website is really that much better than some of the good software programs that are available?

Post 7

@ceilingcat - I certainly agree with you that just about anyone can create a website, but designing one is a whole different ballgame.

The websites that are available for someone like me, who doesn't have much computer knowledge are very helpful. This means you can have a decent looking website without knowing all of the technical information.

This is only possible because of the people who really do know how to design a website. They can take all the technical know how, and make it easy for people like me to create something out of their design.

Post 6

I recently finished up a graduate program where I had to take several web design courses. It was really tricky at first by by the end of the second class I took I felt pretty proficient.

By far the best tool that we used in any of the lessons was Dreamweaver. This is a program made by Adobe. It can build good looking web pages and entire web site using simple tools. It is not completely user friendly but with just a little bit of practice and instruction it becomes very intuitive.

The program is kind of expensive but it is worth the money if you will be working on multiple design projects (which, if you plan on having a site for any length of time you probably will). It can do anything you want it to and it is so much easier than coding by hand.

Post 5

@SZapper - Actually creating a website is much easier than it used to be, it's true. However, I would venture to say the designing a website is still equally as difficult.

Not just anyone can design a website. Sure, anyone can create a website, but that doesn't mean it's going to look good. I think it definitely take a good eye and maybe some training to design a visually pleasing and functional website.

I'm not that great with that kind of thing, so if I needed a website created I would probably just hire someone to do it for me!

Post 4

@drtroubles - That's a really nice idea. Not everyone is willing to give a young experienced person a chance, so kudos to you!

I think it's really funny how much web design has changed over the years. Now, it's fairly easy to design a simple website. There are so many plug-ins for web design, hosting and designing a website is a breeze. I recently designed a site using a Wordpress plug-in, and it was really easy. I remember a few years ago you absolutely had to know HTML code to build a website.

I remember when I was in high school I had a few friends who built and designed websites and they spent hours on their sites! Now it takes much less time.

Post 3

A good way to get around having to hire a web design and marketing solutions company to deal with your web design is to offer an internship at your small business to a student in graphic design or advertising. We got some beautiful web design and development done for us at no charge and were able to give a great reference to a student that needed it. Plus, they had something for their portfolio.

I think people spend too much time dealing with established companies when there are thousands of talented college kids out there who know how to do everything a website design company can. I say give interns a chance to wow you.

Post 2

@lonelygod - I sell the jewelry that I make online and have made a really gorgeous site using WIX. Everything is done by dragging and dropping and they even offer ecommerce web design solutions if you are looking to sell products. The monthly fees for upgrading your site to have your own domain name and a web store aren't that bad and I think that it is the easiest way to tackle web site design solutions at a small business level.

I think the only downside to WIX is that it is a Flash based web builder and a lot of people have moved on the HTML5. You're site won't show up on most smartphones or tablets, and some browsers have issues with it. But if you are stuck it works well enough.

Post 1

Does anyone know an easy way to design a web page that is stylish and and easy to make?

I have a small business and don't have much of a budget to invest in web design development, but I still want a professional looking website. I have looked at some design companies offering affordable web design solutions and to be frank, they are still pricey.

I have a keen eye for visual work, but I am lacking any coding knowledge, so I really need a good piece of software that uses the drag and drop method to get things into place.

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