What Are the Different Ways to Track Calories?

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There are a few common ways in which a person can easily track calories. For example, a person can use a notebook to record calories by hand, or he could use an online calorie tracker to keep track of his intake. An individual could also use a smartphone application or a non-Internet-based computer program for this purpose.

One way to track calories is using a notebook. An individual might choose to carry a notebook with him throughout the day and add to it each time he consumes a food or a drink. After eating or even while preparing a meal, he can write a short description of what he is eating as well as the approximate calories he is consuming. He can then total these amounts to calculate his daily, weekly, or monthly calorie intake.

An individual can also track calories online. There are many online programs that allow a person to input what he eats and drinks and keep track of his calorie totals. He may even find some programs that calculate calorie amounts and totals for him. Many people find this choice of calorie counting convenient. One potential problem, however, is the fact that a person must have access to the Internet to use it. If he is away from his computer or other Internet-enabled device, there is a chance he could forget the foods or amounts he needs to enter later.


Some smartphones also make it easy to keep track of calories. Such phones often have applications a person can use to enter the foods and drinks he consumes to keep track of his calorie intake. Many people find this method of calorie tracking helpful because it allows a person to enter information no matter where he is at the time — as long he has his phone handy.

While a person may want to track calories through his computer, he may not necessarily want to have to connect to the Internet to do so. Instead, he could choose to purchase or download a program that allows him to keep track of his calorie intake through his computer. A downside of using this program is that a person may have a hard time remembering his calorie intake amounts while he is on the go. Likewise, if the program is installed on his home computer, he probably won't be able to use it to track his calories on his work computer without some sort of file sharing system in place.


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