What Are the Different Ways to Serve Mushroom Bruschetta?

D. Coodin

Mushroom bruschetta is an appetizer that usually consists of chopped mushrooms, garlic and butter and is served on bread or crackers. Typically, the mushrooms and garlic are cooked in the butter in a saucepan. Cooks usually serve different types or bruschetta before meals or as snacks at cocktail parties. Mushroom bruschetta is commonly served hot and placed on individual bread slices or crackers, but cooks can add variety to the ways they serve it by changing its base, adding flavor on top and serving it cold instead of hot.

White button mushrooms.
White button mushrooms.

Cooks can serve mushroom bruschetta on different kinds of bread and crackers. Crusty Italian breads are common as a base and work well to absorb extra sauce or oil that drips. Sliced baguette or French bread also works well in this regard, whether the bread is toasted first or served cold and chewy. The advantage to using crackers instead of bread is that diners don't get full as quickly, so they usually can eat more bruschetta. The disadvantage is that hard crackers can break and turn the mushroom bruschetta into a messy dish.

Nearly any type of mushroom, including oyster, can be used to make bruschetta.
Nearly any type of mushroom, including oyster, can be used to make bruschetta.

Altering the base for mushroom bruschetta affects its texture, and changing toppings or the garnish can change the way that bruschetta tastes. Cooks sometimes serve mushroom bruschetta by drizzling olive oil on top, giving it a richer taste. They also can sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top of the bruschetta to add a salty and cheesy flavor. Some recipes call for a sweet relish spread on top or on the bread, and others suggest sprinkling basil or parsley on top.

Mushroom bruschetta typically is served hot, but cooks can serve it cold instead. By storing bruschetta in a bowl in a refrigerator before serving it, a cooks can bring out flavors that can get lost when it is served hot. In addition, storing it in a fridge allows the mushrooms to absorb flavors from the garlic and other ingredients.

It is conventional to place mushroom bruschetta on bread or crackers before serving it. Some cooks, however, change their serving style by placing the bruschetta in a bowl on the table surrounded by a variety of crackers or breads. This method allows diners to select their own cracker or bread and to decide how much bruschetta they want in each serving. The disadvantage is that it prevents cooks from garnishing the bruschetta to their own tastes and styles.

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