What Are the Different Ways to Serve Liverwurst?

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Liverwurst bears a strong resemblance in taste and texture to some types of pate. The different ways to serve liverwurst reflect this close association. It can frequently be found served as part of a sandwich, from small tea sandwiches to more elaborate ones that have been toasted or baked. When taken to room temperature, it can be readily mixed with other ingredients to make a dip or a topping for small appetizers. It also can be cooked and served with fried onions and a green salad as an entree.

One of the most common ways to serve liverwurst is in the form of a sandwich, particularly because it can be purchased pre-sliced or in easily carved logs. A small tea sandwich can be made with a slice of the meat, some cucumbers and mayonnaise on white bread. A different, very traditional sandwich involves toasted rye bread, fried onions or raw onion rings, and mustard along with the meat. Another type uses fried challah bread with lettuce, tomato and mustard inside so the bread browns and the slices of meat heat through. One very simple and frequently seen sandwich involves frying slices of the meat in a pan in butter or oil along with onions and then serving them on pieces of toasted pumpernickel or rye bread.


Even though liverwurst is cooked before it is packaged and sold, it will still become soft if heated gently or left at room temperature. This has led to its use in a number of dips and pates. Caramelized onions — white or red — mixed into the meat with some Worcestershire sauce is a simple preparation. A more complex type of spread involves mixing it with cream cheese or sour cream, hot sauce, onions, mustard and fresh parsley. The dips are generally refrigerated for some time to allow them to set and, more importantly, to allow the flavors to combine.

When serving a liverwurst dip, it can be accompanied by crackers or triangles of toasted bread, although the salt content of the liverwurst can be high and might be overwhelming with strongly salted crackers. Vegetables such as bell peppers, asparagus or cauliflower also can provide a base for the dip. If it is made creamy enough, the liverwurst also can be used as a spread on other types of toasted breads, such as bagels.

Liverwurst is sometimes sold in small sausage-type links. These links can be boiled in water, steamed or fried and then served on a plate as a main course. The links go well with browned onions and vegetables that can cut through its meaty flavor.


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