What are the Different Ways to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions?

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Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas essential to plant life and growth. When excessive amounts of it are released, however, it can build up and damage the atmosphere. The portions released into the atmosphere are referred to as emissions. There are several ways humans can reduce carbon dioxide emissions for their benefit and the benefit of the planet. These include using alternative modes of transportation, alternative fuel sources, and protecting the forests.

Burning fossil fuels is a major cause of carbon dioxide emissions. One of the reasons people burn these fuels is because most automobiles rely on them. If people were to change their transportation habits, they could contribute to efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Changing transportation habits can be accomplished in a number of ways. First, people can carpool instead of so many individuals using a single automobile just to transport themselves. Second, people can use mass transportation, which can carry larger numbers of people than most vehicles used in carpools. Third, people can walk or ride bicycles when they do not have to travel long distances.

Another reason fossil fuels are burnt is to provide power for factories that make products. Redefining purchasing trends can help lower carbon dioxide emissions. If people purchased fewer energy-intensive goods, such as automobiles, factories would not need to consume as much energy.


Citizens can put pressure on their governments to take responsible actions. There is a lot that governments can do to contribute to the efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. To begin with, they can impose stricter regulations on those engaged in activities that contribute to the problem. This includes requiring factories to curb their emission rates. It also includes restricting all sorts of transportation manufacturers from selling their goods if those goods do not meet certain standards.

Governments can also invest in cleaner technology that will help people meet their needs. For example, countries that rely heavily on coal to produce electricity can begin to invest in renewable energy resources, such as solar, wind, and hydro power.

Putting a halt to deforestation is another way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Like humans inhale oxygen to live, trees consume carbon dioxide. Yet millions of acres of trees are cut down every year to make room for other purposes such as urban development and cattle grazing. If this trend were reversed, and replanting projects were undertaken, it would help because the trees would soak up some of the emitted carbon dioxide.


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anon: nobody is driving earth to extinction I think. i think we're driving ourselves to extinction.

Post 7

It isn't really that bad, is it? I thought we had carbon dioxide in the atmosphere all the time, so why is it that we now need to get rid of it? and won't that be killing trees because they need carbon dioxide for respiration?

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let's all plant trees and save this planet.

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we're driving the earth to extinction every day!

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i think that carbon dioxide could seriously damage the earth and its chemicals inside.

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