What are the Different Ways to Convert Analog to Digital?

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Digital technology is fast becoming the standard for almost all forms of media. This creates a technology gap, leaving many forms of entertainment obsolete. Luckily, there are several ways to convert analog to digital, no matter if it is photographs, video, music or even television. Each uses a different tool to complete this transformation, but in each case, the transition is fairly simple.

The need to convert analog to digital television signals recently became a major concern for many viewers around the world, especially in the United States where all analog signals were replaced by digital feed. This means an analog signal converter is necessary to watch television without a cable or internet hookup. A converter is a simple electrical box available at most electronics and department stores. It is attached to a television with coaxial cables, the same way a cable box works, and instantly converts any analog television to digital.


Music fans, especially owners of vinyl record albums, are also having to convert analog to digital. There are two options available that make this medium more accessible in the computer age. First, there are many new record players available that will play an album and instantly convert that signal to a built-in CD burner. The second option is to purchase a USB plug that also attaches to the back of a stereo and purchase conversion software for a computer. These tools allow for record albums to stream into a computer and become MP3s.

VHS video cassettes are another technology that people can convert from analog to digital. This update works similarly to vinyl records, because there are two ways to complete this change. The easiest way is to purchase a DVD burner and run a VCR through this machine in order to make tapes into digital discs. A more complicated means is to buy a corresponding USB plug and conversion software so a VCR can run into a computer to create digital files of old videos.

One of the most common mediums for which people convert analog to digital is photographs. Again, there are two methods for completing this task, depending on what format your photos are in. People looking for a professional conversion to digital should take the photo negatives to a professional film processing store and ask for the film to be made into a CD. If negatives are not available, conversion can be done one photo at a time by scanning each image with a digital scanner and saving the results as a digital file.


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