What Are the Different Ways to Clean a Computer Monitor?

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There are essentially two different ways to clean a computer monitor, depending on the type of monitor someone is trying to clean. If someone is cleaning an older cathode ray tube (CRT) screen, which is similar in appearance and function to a traditional television screen, then it can be cleaned with standard glass cleaning products and a towel. Newer liquid crystal displays (LCD), which are more delicate and sensitive to pressure and rough surfaces, should be cleaned using a very soft cloth and either a specialty LCD cleaning solution or a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar. Someone can clean a computer monitor case simply by dusting it while being careful of the screen.

To clean a computer monitor, someone should first be certain of what type of monitor he or she is cleaning. Older monitors, which are usually in large box-like cases with somewhat rounded screens, can be cleaned much like any other glass surface. These are called CRT screens and are much like a television. Someone cleaning this type of monitor can use a glass cleaning product, spray it onto a towel or rag, and then wipe the monitor screen off. Liquid cleaners should never be sprayed onto the monitor itself, as this can expose internal components to moisture.


If someone wants to clean a computer monitor that is newer, such as an LCD display, then a different method should be used. LCD screens are very sensitive to pressure and abrasive surfaces, so this cleaning should be done delicately and the screen should not be pushed on or scrubbed during cleaning. A very soft cloth, such as those used for cleaning eyeglasses, should be used along with a specially formulated LCD cleaning solution. Cleaners that contain ingredients like ethyl alcohol, ammonia, or acetone should never be used, as these can damage the screen.

A solution can be made using household ingredients to clean a computer monitor with an LCD screen. This can be made by combining equal amounts of distilled water and white vinegar. It is important for distilled water to be used for this solution, however, as even purified water can contain salts that may damage the screen. This solution, or a commercial LCD cleaner, can then be sprayed onto the soft cloth and used to wipe off the screen.

If someone wants to clean a computer monitor case or external frame, then it can be dusted with a rag or other type of duster. Care should be taken by the cleaner, however, to not come into contact with the screen, especially for LCD monitors, with this duster. Other household cleaners can also be used on the outside case of the monitor, and these should be sprayed onto a towel, not the monitor, and should not touch the screen itself.


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To be on the safe side, I usually just use a soft, dry cloth to clean my laptop screen. I have an LCD cleaner that I occasionally use if it is particularly dirty and dusty.

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