What are the Different Warehouse Supervisor Jobs?

Tess C. Taylor

There are many different warehouse supervisor jobs available in companies around the world. The role of the warehouse supervisor is vital to the overall success of the workflow, production and control of a warehouse environment. A well-trained warehouse supervisor can ensure that a company delivers on promises to customers and produces superior results, while maintaining a safe workplace for employees.

Warehouse supervisors oversee the workflow and environment of the warehouse.
Warehouse supervisors oversee the workflow and environment of the warehouse.

Duties of a warehouse supervisor include being able to manage people and inventory within a warehouse environment. Warehouse supervisors often work in harsh conditions in where they must be in many places at one time to maintain compliance with company rules and regulations. This can include effectively overseeing production methods, addressing safety concerns and handling employee management.

Inventory of a warehouse is managed by its supervisor.
Inventory of a warehouse is managed by its supervisor.

In addition to managing the workflow and environment of the warehouse environment, warehouse supervisor jobs control supply chain management. This includes tracking and keeping inventory and production levels current to meet the demands of customer orders. The warehouse supervisor generally works with project managers, engineers and production staff to ensure inventory keeps up with production needs.

Warehouse supervisors are responsible for addressing safety concerns in the work environment.
Warehouse supervisors are responsible for addressing safety concerns in the work environment.

Another function of the warehouse supervisor's job is to keep the warehouse environment safe for employees. This may involve training employees, monitoring workplace performance, observing and correcting employees who don’t follow procedure, and maintaining skill and licensure requirements. The warehouse manager also inspects all equipment and works with safety officers to correct any faulty equipment, environmental issues or damaged structures within the warehouse.

Many warehouse supervisor jobs are held by upper level employees that have had years of prior experience working in a warehouse environment or are industry experts. Warehouse supervisor jobs can be found across all fields, including but not limited to manufacturing, food production, agriculture, metalworking or transportation industries. Warehouse supervisors may have worked their way up over years or may have special education in the effective management of warehouse functions.

The warehouse supervisor may also be referred to as operations manager, warehouse boss or department director. Warehouse supervisors may be assigned to one portion of the production line, or they may be in charge of the warehouse as a whole. Many warehouse supervisors work on teams to better coordinate efforts and monitor employees.

Warehouse supervisor’s salary is generally higher than the floor employees, but lower than executive management. This salary is dependent upon the type of industry and the scope of the warehouse supervisor’s responsibilities. The higher the level of responsibility, generally the higher the salary level provided to the warehouse supervisor.

Warehouse supervisors control supply chain management.
Warehouse supervisors control supply chain management.

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I never worked as a supervisor, but I was an assistant supervisor for a while and I was surprised by how much paperwork there was.

Every time someone cut their finger, or had a complaint or damaged a box, we'd have to fill out paperwork.

Although, to be honest, after a long day it was nice to be able to sit down for a while and just fill out sheets.


Generally, I think if you are willing to work night shifts, you'll find it easier to get a warehouse managers' job.

I had a friend who managed to get to that rank after about a year of working in a warehouse, just because he was willing to swap to the night shift. Often these warehouses need to go all night, and need decent workers to handle that.

The job can be more difficult at night, because people aren't as sharp, and the darkness can also be a factor. So they need good people.

It can be a way of working your way up the ladder.

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