What are the Different Video Editor Jobs?

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Audio and video technology is more prevalent than ever in our daily lives through computers, public movie theaters, and home televisions. While one of the most common video editor jobs is associated with the film industry, editing motion pictures is not the only way a person with video editing skills can find work. More and more industries are using video and audio editors to produce promotional materials, business presentations, and company websites.

Most video editors work in the film, cable, or television industries. Their responsibilities include viewing filmed shots, and assembling them into a comprehensive sequence. This takes into account the script, the needs of producers and directors, visual enhancement, and timing. It is important for video editors to keep in mind the overall vision of those creating and funding the films. Video editors must be proficient at using computers to combine photography, audio clips, music, and special effects. Additionally, a video editor must plan to review and correct a film many times through a repetitive cycle of revision and collaboration with other staff members and contributors.

Most of those employed in video editor jobs work for local or affiliate television stations, cable networks, or small production companies. Some of the types of video editor jobs include editing music videos, commercials, corporate recruitment films, feature films, documentaries, and educational movies. Some video editors choose a specialty such as audio, music, imaging, or dialogue.


With the popularity of the internet, online video editor jobs are on the rise. One type of video editor job is that of a website contributor. Special effects and 3D animation are often used to add life to an otherwise simple corporate website. Video editors can become important contributors to this type of online content. Another online area relating to video editor jobs is that of podcast editing.

A college degree is not required to obtain a video editor job. However, many programs are available for an individual who wishes to receive education and hands-on experience in video editing. Many video editors start with a bachelor’s degree and go on to film school, or enter into an apprenticeship through which they experience on-the-job training from a skilled editor. While certificates and licenses are not required, it is important for individuals working in video editor jobs to stay current with technology and advancements in the industry. As part of their job, video editors may be required to attend further training through conferences and formal film courses.


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Post 3

@Iluviaporos - It does depend on what kind of editing you want to do. Video is so ubiquitous these days that it's not that difficult to find a job working with it. I think the problem is that most people imagine video editor jobs will be working with film or television or music videos or something like that.

They are much more likely to end up editing how-to videos online or video for business presentations or something like that.

Post 2

@umbra21 - It would be pretty difficult to find a job that hires editors without experience and provides decent references after they work there. It could be worth it if you want to learn video editing in order to work on your own independent projects, but it's not the best way to break into the media industry.

You're better off getting a real internship or doing a course in video editing, so that you can learn the software professionals use and get some real references. Jobs in journalism are very difficult to find these days because there is a lot of competition, so you've got to be prepared to work your way up the ladder and be as competitive as possible with your resume.

Post 1

If you have a look online there are a few websites that look for video editors to work on content for them. Often they don't pay a huge amount, but it could be worth it for the experience, or for a part time job from home.

Video editor jobs tend to be pretty difficult to break into unless you have a degree or diploma. With the right entry level freelancing position, you could skip that part and get straight to making money.

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