What are the Different Valet Jobs?

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Historically, the title of valet was another term for a butler or other personal servant who was usually employed by a man. Today, the characteristics of valet jobs can vary, depending on where a person works, and typical valet duties can include many different customer-service responsibilities. Valet parking, for example, is common in many places. It is useful at night, in bad weather, or when parking is limited. Hotel valet jobs can also include parking duties as well as providing services inside the hotel. Furthermore, some residential complexes and private clubs also employ valets.

Part time valet jobs are generally popular with students and other people with flexible schedules. The standard payment for most valet jobs is hourly wages plus tips. Some typical valet duties include greeting customers or guests and meeting their immediate needs upon arrival. Providing good customer service is normally the main requirement found in a valet job description, followed by the expectation that he or she will demonstrate courtesy and professionalism at all times.

Parking valet jobs are most often found where parking is at a premium or where there is a need to provide upscale customer service. Some common locations include airports, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, and sporting events. Someone seeking a parking valet job usually must be at least 18 years old. Other general requirements are good communication skills, a valid driver’s license and an excellent driving record.


Valet duties also often require caring for vehicles, cleaning them, and providing basic maintenance. Valets are normally responsible for the outdoor area in which they work as well. They must usually keep it safe for walking or driving and free of debris. Valet jobs can require one to carry the customer’s bags and personal items to and from vehicles. Some also may be responsible for maintaining a specific parking lot and collecting parking fees. This practice is common in hospitals, for example.

A hotel valet is sometimes referred to as a bell person or bellhop. He or she may also fulfill traditional concierge duties. Generally, these duties include offering personal services for hotel guests. They might park vehicles and handle luggage, taking good care of other people’s personal belongings. The valet must usually possess knowledge of the hotel’s facilities as well, including emergency procedures and strategies for handling guest issues.

Many condominium complexes and private recreational facilities also employ valets. Their typical duties can include parking vehicles or working at the front desk. Some private clubs and upscale residences, which might function in a manner similar to hotels, also employ valets as pool attendants.


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