What are the Different Uses of Woven Polypropylene?

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Woven polypropylene is a durable product that can be used in a number of different applications. Thanks to the properties of the material, the woven form of polypropylene can be used to produce different types of rolls and bags that are ideal for a wide range of applications, often at a cost that is considerably less than the cost of using other materials. In addition, woven polypropylene can also be used in the creation of carpet and even fabric that can be used for various household textiles.

One of the most common uses of woven polypropylene is in the creation of different types of bags. Many shipping bags are made of this material, helping to protect the contents of packages during shipment. The strength of the material also makes it ideal for the creation of sandbags that can be used in military operations as well as in emergency situations involving the possibility of flooding. Woven polypropylene bags are also helpful around construction sites, both as a means of storage of building materials and as a tool in the collection of debris during the cleanup of the site.


Along with the manufacture of inexpensive bags for a variety of purposes, the product can be used in the creation of rugs and carpeting. Woven polypropylene rugs suitable for entryways into the home are relatively easy to keep clean, stain-resistant, and will hold their color for much longer than some other fibers used in area rugs. A woven polypropylene carpet also has all these properties, making it an ideal option in any room that experiences traffic on a regular basis. Since the material is less expensive than other options, it is possible to purchase the rugs and carpets at reasonable prices, making them ideal for decorating on a budget.

Woven polypropylene can also be used in the creation of other textiles around the home. Notably, the material can be used in the creation of drapery panels and curtains for just about any room in the home. As with the floor coverings made from this material, woven polypropylene curtains and drapes are easily to keep clean and are available in a wide range of colors. At times, the fabric can also be used in upholstery applications, including restoration projects on older chairs and sofas. While the texture of woven polypropylene is a little different from other blends that include natural fibers, the sturdiness of the fabric is often ideal for sofas and chairs that see a great deal of use.


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Post 3

I've seen some pretty cool uses for all rice sacks, which are usually made from polypropylene fabric. I've seen people remake them into quite chic handbags and use them as wall art and all kinds of things.

I'm actually kind of torn about it as a material, because it's great that it can be used over and over for different things, but it doesn't break down once it does get thrown away and I know that it can be a danger to sea life and things like that.

Post 2

@umbra21 - Yeah, I think half the reason people use polypropylene for a lot of stuff is because it doesn't become dirty and germ ridden as quickly as some other kinds of fabrics.

But it doesn't take much to become sick, so it's a good idea to wash it regularly, no matter where you're using it in the house.

We have a tarp made out of this stuff, covering the pool and it needs a good rinse with chlorine every now and then to make sure it doesn't grow algae or other nasty stuff on it.

Post 1

If you want to know what woven polypropylene looks like, just look at the reusable shopping bags that a lot of people use these days to replace plastic shopping bags.

They are pretty handy, but one thing to remember when you're using them is that they are going to be carrying around meat products and vegetables and fruit in the same place, so you have to wash them regularly.

Apparently people are forgetting to do this, since they always just threw away their plastic shopping bags and it wasn't an issue. But since the whole point of using woven polypropylene fabric is that it lasts a long time, you have to get new habits, where you make sure you wash them so that you don't get food poisoning next time you take a bite from an apple.

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