What Are the Different Uses of Walnut Leaves?

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People who are interested in natural remedies might want to consider using walnut leaves. Walnut extract can be used for various skin disorders, such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne. The leaves of black walnut trees are often used as a parasite cleanse for removing ringworm and hookworm in both humans and animals. This substance is also thought to cure a number of digestive disorders while increasing the appetite and cleansing both the gall bladder and liver. People also use this substance as a dye for coloring fabric and hair.

Walnut leaves can be steeped to make a tonic or finely ground into a powder and used to make an ointment. One of these products can then be applied topically to treat skin disorders, including psoriasis, extra patches of scaly skin, or eczema. This ointment is also thought to help speed healing when applied directly to a wound. When used in powder form, it can be used to make a scrub that is often effective at reducing acne. Adding the tonic to a tub of water and then soaking the feet can help to alleviate athlete's foot, and a bonus is that it also has anti-itch properties.


Black walnut leaves can be used to remove parasites in both humans and animals, including ringworm and tapeworm. This may be done by making an extract from the leaves along with wormwood and cloves and ingesting it. Pet owners often mix it with an animal's food, as it may sometimes have a bitter aftertaste.

Many intestinal disorders can be alleviated with the use of black walnut leaves. This product is thought to stimulate the digestive tract while cleansing the intestines and alleviating diarrhea. It may also be effective at eliminating heartburn and reducing colic or upset stomach. Although it is thought to reduce colic, parents of children should not give them this natural supplement without first consulting their pediatrician because the effects of black walnut on very young people is not yet known.

Some people like to take walnut extract from time to time in order to help them maintain overall good health. This is because walnut leaves are thought to cleanse the gall bladder and liver, keeping these two organs functioning properly while preventing gallstones. It is also believed to purify the blood, which could result in increased energy levels and a heightened immune system as well.


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Post 3

In some countries, walnut leaves are used in the preparation of toothpaste. Something in the walnut tree is said to help restore enamel on teeth.

Post 2

Something I discovered by accident is that that sticky goo on the black walnuts works really well to take the sting out of wasp stings. While playing in the barn at a friend's house one day, I got into a wasp nest and was stung several times. If you have ever been stung by a wasp then I don't need to tell you just how painful this can be.

For some reason, I can't remember why exactly, I went to the walnut tree near the barn and cracked open the outside of a green walnut and smeared the gel all over the stings. This took the pain away and the stings didn't swell as much as usual. To this day I would recommend this remedy over anything else for a wasp sting.

Post 1

As a child I had a really bad chest cold. I was stuffed up and it felt like my entire body was filled with mucus. I had been sick for several days when my mother took me over to my grandmother's house. My grandmother was going to take care of me while my mama went to run some errands that day.

Back then, there was not a doctor close to where we lived, so we only went to the doctor for real emergencies. A really, really bad cold with coughing and congestion didn't count as an emergency. As soon as Granny saw how sick I was, she put me in bed and then went out to the big black

walnut tree in her yard. She gathered walnuts and leaves.

She used the sticky black stuff inside the walnut covers and spread the stuff on my chest and all over my body. She also boiled the leaves from the tree and made a tea for me to inhale the steam. The smell alone was enough to clear out your sinuses. I guess it worked some anyway. I was better in a couple of days and the home remedy was probably partly responsible.

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