What Are the Different Uses of Critical Thinking in Business?

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The concept of critical thinking means that an individual is able to analyze a situation or a set of possibilities with a view toward determining the best solution to any problem that may have presented itself. As such, the uses of critical thinking in business are numerous and are indeed the bedrock of any successful business enterprise. For one instance, the application of critical thinking in business can be used to arrive at the best alternative to difficult situations, or it may be utilized in management as well as for proper communication between management and employees. It is due to this vital role of critical thinking in business that it is included as a part of formal business studies in colleges and other institutions of higher learning.


One of the applications of critical thinking in business is for the purpose of utilizing such thinking skills to come up with solutions to problems that may present themselves during the course of normal business operations. This is especially important for those who hold key positions in the organization, something that is usually part of the criteria for putting such people in key positions in the first place. An example of how critical thinking in business is important can be seen when an important machine or equipment that is used in the production process in a manufacturing plant breaks down right in the middle of operations. The shift supervisor or the manager would be responsible for applying critical thinking skills in order to arrive at the best solution to such a problem. This will necessarily involve the consideration of several possible solutions and the elimination of the most unlikely until the supervisor or manager is able to reach the most suitable solution for that situation.

Another use of critical thinking in business can be seen in the area of communication where the proper application of critical thinking skills can help achieve a desired aim, or to avert an undesired one. For example, a manager can apply critical thinking skills to motivate employees by thinking of the right words to say in order to achieve this aim. The manager may also use critical thinking skills to avert a possible labor or union action through what he or she does or says.


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