What Are the Different Uses of Brewer's Yeast?

Meshell Powell

Brewer's yeast, a type of fungus, has several different uses, ranging from making beer or bread to nutritional supplementation. Brewer's yeast contains several important nutrients, especially B-complex vitamins. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, infectious diarrhea, and high cholesterolm may be successfully treated by adding this supplement to the diet, although a doctor should always be consulted before beginning any self-treatment program. Brewer's yeast may also aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

All beer has been allowed to ferment in a controlled environment for several weeks.
All beer has been allowed to ferment in a controlled environment for several weeks.

While many are aware that brewer's yeast is used to help dough rise when baking bread, people are often surprised to find out that it is also used to make beer. This fungus is combined with hops and malted barley. This mixture is then allowed to ferment in a temperature-controlled environment for several weeks, eventually turning into the beverage known as beer. Once the fermentation process is complete, the beer is ready to be bottled and consumed.

Brewer's yeast is often used to make bread.
Brewer's yeast is often used to make bread.

In addition to being a good source of nutrients such as chromium and selenium, brewer's yeast is high in a number of B-complex vitamins. These vitamins help to supply the body with energy as well as working to aid in the digestive process. Skin, hair, and eye health are promoted by these nutrients as well. It is important to note that this supplement is not a source of vitamin B-12, so a separate supplement is needed for this vitamin. It is also important to use only the inactive form of this yeast, as the active form is potentially harmful when ingested.

Brewer's yeast is used to make beer.
Brewer's yeast is used to make beer.

Some scientific studies suggest that using brewer's yeast as a nutritional supplement may help to naturally lower blood sugar levels among those with diabetes. This supplement is also believed to help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels in the blood, thereby promoting cardiac health. Other possible uses for this nutritional supplement include treating conditions such as diarrhea, premenstrual syndrome, and certain respiratory conditions.

Hops, which is combined with brewer's yeast and malted barley to make beer.
Hops, which is combined with brewer's yeast and malted barley to make beer.

The fungus may an important role in weight management. The chromium found in this supplement is thought to aid in the loss of body fat when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. This type of yeast is also frequently used as an energy booster and protein supplement. These qualities, combined with the digestive benefits gained from using this product, make it a valuable addition to a healthy weight-management program. Any questions or concerns about potential benefits or risks associated with the use of brewer's yeast in an individual situation should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.

Brewer's yeast.
Brewer's yeast.

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I want to start brewing my own beer. Can I use brewer's yeast to brew different kinds of beer and ale? Or are there different types of brewer's yeast to be used for different types of beer?

Also, does brewer's yeast retain all of its nutritional value when it ferments to make beer?

I'm waiting for suggestions and clarifications from home brewers! Please share your knowledge!


@feruze-- I have diabetes but I take brewer's yeast as a supplement for protein and vitamin B. I'm a vegetarian and can fall short of these nutrients and vitamins.

I have heard of brewer's yeast for diabetes but to be honest, I haven't seen much of a difference in my blood sugar readings. I do think it helps curb my appetite though. So it might be good for losing weight and it's a know fact that obesity can cause and worsen type 2 diabetes.

You should ask your doctor and then give it a try yourself. I buy my brewer's yeast supplement from the pharmacy. You can also find it at health food stores.


Is anyone taking brewer's yeast for diabetes? Has it reduced your blood sugar?

Where can I buy brewer's yeast?

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