What are the Different Uses for Landscape Pebbles?

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Landscape pebbles can be used in gardens, aquariums, and as an accent for potted plants. These pebbles are also occasionally embedded into tile or paving materials for outdoor walkways. Swimming pools and patios often have tile and paving made up of landscape pebbles for decoration. Pebbles used in landscaping usually come in many different colors and shapes, and for this reason they tend to have an attractive appearance that might be helpful in covering up dull, ordinary-looking surfaces. In addition to being useful outside the home, landscape pebbles are also sometimes used for decorative purposes inside the home.

Most people use landscape pebbles in their gardens. These pebbles typically make decent edging or border material, and they might be useful for separating a garden from a yard or walkway. Swimming pools also often have walkways and paving materials surrounding them that are made up of landscape pebbles. In addition to being useful for paving materials and garden edging, landscaping pebbles are occasionally used in ground cover for gardens. Some people also use the pebbles for mulch, because unlike many other types of mulch, landscape pebbles do not decompose over time, and no pests are attracted to them.


In addition to gardens, landscaping pebbles are also popular for use in aquariums. Many people decorate the bottoms of their aquariums with these pebbles. The pebbles used for aquariums are often much more elaborate in appearance than what a person might see used in landscaping. Aquarium pebbles are typically fairly small in size and may be very brightly colored. Even though brightly colored pebbles are often used, it is possible to find more natural-colored landscape pebbles for use in aquariums.

There are many people who enjoy using landscaping pebbles for indoor decor. The pebbles may be used indoors to cover the soil in potted plants much in the same way as they are used for ground cover outdoors. Some people fill up clear vases with brightly colored landscape pebbles to display in their homes. In addition to looking decorative, pebbles in the bottom of a flower vase could also help to keep the vase steady by weighting down the bottom. Landscaping stones might also add to the appearance of a decorative indoor waterfall or fountain.

Landscaping pebbles can normally be found for sale at most lawn and garden centers. Other places to buy them include stores that sell arts and crafts or aquarium supplies. Some people don't buy landscaping pebbles and instead choose to find them on their own. One of the best places to find landscaping pebbles is inside sand deposits in the bottom of riverbeds.


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