What are the Different Uses for Heavy-Duty Shelving?

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Heavy-duty shelving is a reinforced shelf that can support heavy items. This type of shelving is often used in warehousing, garages, and manufacturing. The shelves are typically made from steel beams and are used to support large crates of material including motors, tires, household appliances, and construction equipment.

There are many types of shelves available today. Each type of shelf is designed to support a specific load capacity. This load is the maximum weight permitted before the shelf will collapse. Heavy-duty shelves can support more weight than a wall-mounted shelf because they are supported by the floor. These shelves include large steel beams and rack mounts, which makes them stronger and more durable.

Most warehouses use heavy-duty shelving. These warehouses are typically a holding facility for household good and appliances. Heavy products are stored on large metal shelves and require a fork lift for movement. The reinforced shelves are necessary because they hold products that are extremely heavy and bulky. These special designed shelves are typically more then 20 feet (6 m) tall and can hold several hundred items.

Garage shelving is another example of heavy-duty shelving. These shelves are designed to hold car parts and auto supplies. Most garage shelves are made from either metal or strong fabricated wood material. The shelves are typically stacked from the floor and use steel platform feet. This provides better strength and durability for the shelving area.


Most hardware and painting stores require heavy-duty shelving to organize products and material. These stores sell hundreds of items, which are typically stacked to the ceiling. This requires heavy-duty steel beam shelving that can support heavy products. Most hardware stores use special pallet-rack shelving because the items are stored in bulk form on wooden pallets.

Lumber yards also require heavy-duty shelving. This is a special type of shelving designed to reduce the warping of wood. The wood is typically stacked in a uniform manner and raised above the floor surface. This reduces the likelihood of water damage.

Small metal-framed shelving is often described as industrial shelving. This type of shelving is typically used in mail rooms and office closets. Industrial shelving is made from steel beam wire racks and can support large boxes of equipment. This type of shelving also includes wheels, which makes it easy to relocate.


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