What Are the Different Uses for Aftershave Bottles?

Angela Colley

Old aftershave bottles can serve several purposes around the house. Refilling them with homemade aftershave is one way to get a second life out of the glass bottle. Likewise, many craft projects, such as creating a homemade candle holder, pencil case, or flower pot, work well with an empty gel aftershave container. The bottles can also be used as organizers around the kitchen, office, or garage, and helping to store small pieces. Aftershave bottles can also be used as home decor items, such as vases or lamps.

Old aftershave bottles can serve several purposes around the house.
Old aftershave bottles can serve several purposes around the house.

Homemade aftershave recipes include a blend of spices such as cinnamon, allspice, and bay leaves. Some recipes also have a citrus scent, which comes from lemon or orange zest. Liquor, such as Vodka or Rum can be added to the mix to help the spices blend and to give the aftershave a distinct, masculine scent. To create homemade aftershave, the ingredients are left to sit for several days, filtered through a strainer or coffee filter, and then added to the bottle. Old aftershave bottles can be reused several times to hold homemade aftershave.

Many craft projects are suited for aftershave bottles. For example, an aftershave bottle can be used as a candle holder. Most candle holder projects involve removing the top or the lid of the aftershave bottle and decorating the outside with paint, jewels, or buttons. Aftershave bottles also work as pencil holders, which children can decorate and give as gifts to parents, family members, or teachers. A small aftershave bottle can also be converted into a miniature garden, by cleaning out the inside and placing small flowers or air plants inside.

Small containers work well as organizers around the home. Aftershave bottles can be cleaned and used in the garage to store nails, screws, or washers. In the kitchen, aftershave bottles can hold thumbtacks, or other loose odds and ends. The bottles also help organize a bathroom or bedroom.

Many designers repurpose old glass bottles into home decor items for the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Placing small Christmas lights into aftershave bottles turns the bottle into a lighted display for the kitchen or bedroom. The bottles also work as small bud vases. With the label still attached, these bud vases make for interesting decor in the bathroom. Removing the label makes simpler bud vases for the bedroom or kitchen.

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