What are the Different Types of Wrought Iron Decorations?

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Wrought iron decorations come in a variety of shapes and functions, though it is important to note that not all products marketed as wrought iron are true wrought iron pieces. The materials used to make these decorations can vary; true wrought iron is likely to be heavy, expensive, and difficult to find, while more common home accents marketed as wrought iron decorations are actually made of cast iron or steel. Steel is a much lighter, less expensive metal that is easier to produce and, depending on the type of steel used, resistant to water damage.

Indoor wrought iron decorations include various types of furniture, wall accents, sconces, candle holders, shelves, and so on. Wrought iron furniture is a very common choice for homeowners who want a sturdy and attractive piece; wrought iron tables are perhaps the most common pieces of wrought iron decorations used inside the home, while wrought iron chairs and tables are often used as patio furniture outdoors. Wrought iron tables used indoors are often topped with a clear glass used as a tabletop to allow for a flat surface that does not hide the beauty and craftsmanship of the table beneath.


Sconces are wrought iron decorations that hold candles or lights, and they are generally mounted to walls around fireplaces or other focal points of a room. These decorations come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are built specifically for bulbs rather than candles and effectively hide any wiring required to light the bulb. Sconces may also be used outdoors: they are commonly mounted on either side of the front door to the home, though wrought iron that is used outdoors is commonly made of steel rather than iron to help prevent water damage.

Wall hangings that are made of wrought iron usually do not serve any particular function other than to improve the aesthetics of a room. These hangings can be mounted just about anywhere there is space, though they should be mounted where studs are available for support, as the pieces can be quite heavy. The design of the wall hangings will vary according to the builder or artist who made them, and they will often feature sweeping curves, points, and lines that create an elaborate appearance to create a focal point in a room. Some wall hangings will be made to hold candles or lights as well for further accent and beauty.


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