What are the Different Types of Workplace Safety Signs?

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There are a wide range of workplace safety signs. Some are only likely to be found in certain occupational settings, such as those requiring individuals to wear hard hats or warning that forklifts are in use. Other workplace safety signs tend to be common in a wide variety of settings, such as those announcing a wet floor or indicating the location of fire extinguishers.

Signs that caution individuals of a wet floor are found in many types of workplaces. These signs are often bright yellow or orange. They are usually designed so that they can freely stand in the area where they are needed and so that they can easily be moved and placed elsewhere as the needs change.

In many jurisdictions, laws dictate that certain workplace safety signs must be used to communicate the location of certain items. One common example are signs that indicate where fire extinguishers are located. Another example are signs that designate which doors are exits. In many cases, for the sake of safety, exit signs are designed to illuminate even when the main power supply is not functioning.

There are some instances when workplace safety signs are needed to communicate the presence of dangerous materials. This could include a Warning: Electrical Room or Danger: High Voltage sign. When hazardous materials are kept or used in the workplace, there are generally warning signs in the areas where these materials can be found.


A wide range of workplace safety signs exists for occupational settings where there is construction. To begin with, individuals who are not working are often warned that they are entering a construction area. Other signs that may be found are Hard Hats Required or Construction Site: Authorized Personnel Only. Once in a construction area, there may be workplace safety signs that warn of the specific risks, such as Heavy Equipment In Use or Beware of Falling Objects.

Forklifts are widely used in many industrial settings, and the use of these machines can pose a number of risks. This is why it is common to find workplace safety signs that designate the areas where forklifts are being operated. Some employers even erect signs that say Caution: No Pedestrian Traffic or Forklift Operators Only.

There are also workplace safety signs that remind employees that they must wash their hands before returning to work. These are usually placed in restrooms in the stalls, near the sinks, or on the back of the door. It is common to find these in facilities where food is served or sold. These signs are designed to protect public health and safety.


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