What are the Different Types of Workplace Claims?

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There are many different types of legal workplace claims that employees can make against an employer related to problems in the workplace. If a situation at work costs an employee in medical bills or lost wages, he or she can contact an attorney to file a workplace claim. Employees that have been injured or made ill as a result of their jobs can file worker’s compensations claims and receive compensation. If an employer causes undue workplace stress through bad management or illegal hiring practices, employees can file another type of workplace claim.

Most commonly, workplace claims are related to accidents that happen on the job or injuries suffered as part of daily work practices. Worker’s compensation claims can be made for many different types of injuries ranging from broken bones to traumatic brain injury. Issues with workplace safety can cause accidents, and an employer may be liable for accidents that happen on the job. Employees can file workplace accident claims or employer negligence claims if their employer did not follow proper safety procedures and an accident occurred that resulted in an injury.


Workplace claims can also be filed for illnesses that are contracted while at work. Many industries use unsafe chemicals that can make employees sick, but employers are legally responsible for keeping their workers healthy. Employees who contracted an illness as a result of their jobs can file a claim with worker’s compensation or bring a private suit against their employer. Individuals working in health care, for example, can contract a medicine-resistant infection called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and can file MRSA claims to get compensation for medical bills.

Employment discrimination and workplace harassment can also be the cause of many different types of workplace claims. Improper conduct — whether of the employer or of other employees — can cause a loss in wages or illness due to workplace stress. Workplace discrimination, ranging from sexual harassment to hiring discrimination, can also cost employees a lot of money in lost wages. Employers may be liable for these wages if they did not properly follow the law in resolving these issues. Workers can file workplace claims with an attorney who can hold the guilty parties accountable for breaking these laws.


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