What are the Different Types of Wool Rugs?

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Wool rugs are one of the best quality fabric floor coverings available. They are much in demand because of their value, style, versatility, beauty and long life. Wool is one of the most durable materials for carpets, and wool rugs go back to ancient times. There are many different types of wool, and each is unique because the sheep it is gathered from is unique. Many factors go into determining the quality of wool used in each rug, from the sheep's type and age, to its health and gender, to the way its wool has been cared for and sheared.

Besides the texture and quality of the wool, there are also many different styles of wool rugs from which to choose. Some are made in the U.S. but many are imported from all over the world. One must differentiate between the types based on their origin. Common terms like "Persian" really don't provide proper distinction. The term Persian has come to indicate wool rugs from nearly anywhere in the Middle East. While true Persian carpets actually come from Iran, wool rugs are also made in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, India and many other places.


The origin of the carpet, while important, does not necessary indicate the quality. The way a rug is made, the type of wool used, the design and the dyes used are all important considerations. Of course, price is also an important issue, but adding a fine carpet or area rug to your home or office is much less costly than many other types of flooring, none of which is quite as unique.

You can select from hand tufted wool rugs or machine made varieties. You will also need to choose between 100% wool, a wool blend or a synthetic wool-like carpet. Synthetics and blends are usually a bit less expensive and somewhat easier to clean. Still, many people prefer the luxury of wool, or at least a high concentration of wool, such as a popular variety that is about 80% wool and 20% nylon.

Wool rugs don't necessarily have to be serious either. Despite their class and quality, they can be whimsical in design. You can select high quality wool rugs or wool blends with fun designs. Another fun option is the carpet mouse pad or coaster. These are traditional wool rug designs in miniature that are designed for use as a mouse pad or cup coaster. Whichever types of wool rugs you are interested in, you are sure to find a great selection of quality and style.


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Post 3

When my wife and I went on our honeymoon all those years ago we traveled in the Middle East, and were lucky enough to actually go to a bazaar that sold genuine wool Oriental rugs.

It really was like being in a movie, with all the sellers calling out their wares and trying to get you to come and look -- and the rugs themselves were piled head high, just like walls.

We did end up getting some floral wool rug runners that were a complete pain to ship, but do really look beautiful in our home. Looking at them all these years later, I'm surprised how well they've held up -- I guess some people could say that about me and Sherri too!

Post 2

Though you might think that buying a wool rug is as simple as just measuring your floor and choosing one that looks nice, it's actually more complicated than that.

There are really a surprising amount of things that you have to take into consideration when buying a wool rug. For instance, if you're trying to create a more contemporary house, but still want the softness and nice look of a wool rug, then you may want to ask your rug seller to show you round wool rugs, braided wool rugs, or other contemporary wool rug designs.

Another option to consider is material -- though all wool rugs obviously have wool in them, you can also get mixtures, like a

wool sisal rug.

You also need to consider what kind of quality you're looking for. A hand knotted wool rug is obviously going to be the nicest, but also most expensive option. Luckily, you can sometimes counter the expense with size -- for instance, you might want to buy a hand knotted wool area rug instead of a full length hand knotted wool rug.

Anyway, those are just some things to gear in mind -- best of luck!

Post 1

I moved into a fixer upper earlier this year, and now that I've got my house somewhat set up, I'm starting to look at floor coverings.

I would be really interested to get some advice on buying good quality discount wool rugs.

I do tend to prefer a thicker grade of rug, but I'm also not looking to spend a thousand dollars on something that I'm going to walk on.

So that leads me to discount wool rugs. Are there any good, reputable sources that you know of, or are there any good tips to make sure that you don't get cheated when buying a discount wool rug?

This is my first real adult home, so I'll be glad to take any advice or input that anybody can tell me.

Do you have any tips?

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