What Are the Different Types of Wooden Boat Kits?

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There are many different types of wooden boat kits, but one of the main differences between kits is whether they are for full-size or model boats. Full-size kits are used to make boats that can actually be used for boating activities, but they require enough skill to ensure that the craft is safe. Model boat kits require a different type of attention to detail and skill, and they can also be extremely challenging to put together. Within these two broad groups, there are kits for making many different types of boats, although small boats are often more manageable for individuals with full-size kits.

Commonly, full-size wooden boat kits are used to make boats like canoes and other small crafts. This is because boats that require motors or even large masts can be very difficult to put together. Aspects of this type of boat might include the molds and frames, but generally all main pieces are made out of wood. Smaller pieces might be made of metal, although there are boat kits for fully wooden boats.

Large kits for wooden boats often require many different tools. Some kits include tools and instructions for shaping, but others merely include the parts needed. If a person does not have any tools for this type of activity, looking into a kit that includes everything needed to make a boat may be wise.


Model wooden boat kits can be used to make all kinds of different boats. Large wooden ships might be modeled on a small scale and include interior aspects as well as the visible exterior hull. Sails, ropes, and other aspects of large boats can also be represented in these kits. Larger boats are not necessarily more difficult than smaller boats to represent, as difficulty is an aspect of detail rather than size.

There are many model wooden boat kits designed to recreate a specific boat from a certain area or time period. General historical boats, like Viking ships, are also popular. Often, these kits include all parts required to create the boat, but some people add extra features like paint and special sails or flags.

Although most model wooden boat kits are made to create realistic boats on a specific scale, some kits are designed to make fantastical boats. Kits can also be mixed together to create strange new boats, although this is more common with kits for large ships. If a suitable kit cannot be found, it is sometimes possible to custom order a boat kit, although this is often as expensive as crafting the individual pieces one's self.


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