What Are the Different Types of Wood Bedroom Sets?

Lori Kilchermann

Wood bedroom sets come in a variety of styles, from early American and colonial to contemporary. Design options range from wood bedroom sets suitable for babies to those tailored for teens and adults. While some wood bedroom sets are finished with paint, others are left in a more natural state to show off the grain, color and pattern of the wood used to construct them. Bedroom sets also run the gamut from elegant and chic to more utilitarian.

Furniture made from mahogany will have a deep red color.
Furniture made from mahogany will have a deep red color.

Dressers, beds and nightstands are standard components of wood bedroom sets. Some bedroom sets include a variety of chests, such as blanket and lingerie chests. Other pieces often available to complete a wood bedroom set include vanities, bookcases and desks. There are several different sizes of beds to choose from when selecting a wood bedroom set, including king, queen and twin. Bunk beds are an option for children's bedrooms, and platform beds that offer under-bed storage are a preferred option in bedrooms where space is limited.

Platform beds offer a sleek, modern look to a bedroom.
Platform beds offer a sleek, modern look to a bedroom.

Creating an elegant bedroom requires furniture that reflects an ornate or graceful atmosphere, such as Queen Anne or Georgian-style furniture. A more utilitarian look can be achieved with Shaker, arts and craft, and federal furniture styles. Wood bedroom sets are available in a wide array of original antique and reproduction styles, including those with sleigh beds, wood poster beds and wood panel beds. Rich wood with detailed carvings creates a more luxurious look, while sleek lines and sparse decorations are used for contemporary and modern wood bedroom sets.

In addition to a natural finish, wood bedroom sets can be painted to match decor. A distressed white finish complements a shabby chic decor, while a bedroom set painted in one or several bright primary colors is suitable for a young child's room. A pastel bedroom set can create a feminine atmosphere or be used in a nursery. Wooden bedroom sets for babies will often include a crib, changing table and rocker, while those for teens often feature desks and additional storage pieces.

There are numerous types of wood that can be used to construct wood bedroom sets, including cherry, pecan and mahogany. If the wood is going to be exposed rather than painted, the species of wood will determine the furniture's color. Cherry and Santos mahogany furniture will have a deep red color, while lyptus is a lighter shade of red that is nearly pink. Furniture made from oak, pine and pecan has more of a golden finish. American beech, birch and white oak are whitish, with very little color.

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I think that a lovely addition to any bedroom is a wood armoire. Not only does this stately looking piece of furniture make any bedroom look nicely furnished, but it also provides extra storage for clothes, shoes, and linens.

Most furniture stores carry wood armoires individually or as part of bedroom sets. They are also available in a wide range of wood types, from birch to cherry, to maple to mahogany.


I think that the most beautiful type of wood for a bedroom set is mahogany. This rich, dark wood makes a bedroom feel cozy, and compliments almost any type of bedroom decor.

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