What Are the Different Types of Women's Haircut Styles?

Amanda R. Bell

There are five main types of women’s haircut styles, each with several different variations. These include the blunt cut, layered cut, bob, shag, and pixie cut. In some cases, asymmetrical cuts and bangs may be considered separate styles from the main five.

A hairstylist cutting a short bob.
A hairstylist cutting a short bob.

A blunt cut is hair that is below the shoulders and one length all the way through. This women’s haircut style typically works best with straight to medium hair that is not too dense or thick; in general, very curly or thick hair does not lay well with a blunt cut. Although this variant typically means the hair is the same length all around the head, it can also include cuts that are longer or shorter in the back than by the face.

A pixie cut is a short haircut for women.
A pixie cut is a short haircut for women.

Layered cuts are created by cutting the hair upwards at an angle. The outermost hair is usually shorter, with the areas beneath the top part of the hair progressively getting longer. Layered cuts are usually made at a 45° angle. The layers may be very blunt, especially in high fashion styles, or blended to produce a softer look. Layered cuts can often work with any hair length or type and are often a good option for those with very curly or thick hair.

Bobs are among the most popular women’s haircut styles. This cut is above the shoulder, and may be blunt or layered, and all one length or shorter in the back than it is in the front. An A-line bob is a common variation of this haircut style and is cut with the hair slowly getting longer as it reaches the front of the face. The back of this cut may be tightly layered, thereby creating a stacked effect, or layered all over.

A shag is very similar to a bob except it is extremely layered, often with a razor. The cut tends to produce an oval shape in the hair, and layers are usually made at sharp angles. While a shag cut can be done on longer hair, it is typically reserved for hair above the shoulder.

The pixie cut is another of the common women’s haircut styles. This cut is very short, often above the nape of the neck, with the sides shortened by a razor. The hair may be all one length or longer on the top and shorter on the sides.

There are several variations to these cuts. Longer styles may be cut asymmetrically, with pieces in the front being heavily layered while the back remains all one length. In shorter hair, the front and back may be different lengths or the hair on one side of the head may be longer than the other. Bangs and angled cuts can be added to any one of the main women’s haircut styles. Bangs can be cut long or short, off to the side or straight across. The thickness of the bangs typically depends on the shape of a woman’s face and her hair type.

A chin-length bob is the most popular hairstyle among women.
A chin-length bob is the most popular hairstyle among women.

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Pixie haircuts are great for people with fine, thin hair. Keeping the hair short, and having a few layers placed at the crown makes this type of hair appear thicker. The pixie cut is also very manageable for people who are on the go and don't have time to fuss with styling their hair.


I prefer the bob haircut because it is easy to style, and also easy to maintain. In between professional haircuts, I simply trim a bit off the layers to keep my cut lasting as long as possible.

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