What Are the Different Types of Wireline Jobs?

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In the oil and gas industry, there are a variety of different roles and functions at various skill levels that make the development of these natural resources possible. Energy professionals who fulfill wireline jobs perform key operation and preparation steps in the process. These professionals might be managers of wireline operations and oversee other personnel and safety procedures or mechanics who have the training and experience to maintain the heavy equipment that oil and gas drillers use.

The individual who performs wireline jobs on the management level could become responsible for all operational aspects throughout an oil or gas drilling project. He or she may be responsible for ensuring that all safety measures are adhered to in dealing with wirelines on an oil drilling platform or near a natural gas well. Subsequently, the manager of wireline operations might establish protocol surrounding any wirelines so that only the necessary personnel with the proper training are near the structures.

Additionally, a manager might participate in tasks associated with wireline jobs, such as logging. This function involves the extension of tools into natural gas wells to measure the conditions and make subsequent decisions about drilling activity. Air and substance levels within the confines of a drilling space may need to constantly be assessed even throughout the drilling process, and records of the results must likely be maintained. A manager of wireline operations is part of performing and overseeing these processes.


Field engineers fulfill other wireline jobs in the energy industry. Depending on the seniority of the individual and the job description, this oil and gas professional may be involved with the preparation of a drilling site before a project begins. The nature of the project, well, or oil rig may determine the precise tools that are needed to capture these natural resources. Engineers may be responsible for determining and gathering the appropriate tools and for ensuring the the remaining personnel are familiar with each piece of equipment that is used. In order to qualify for engineering jobs, professionals will likely need prior experience in other wireline jobs, including logging.

Maintenance jobs are also needed for wireline equipment. Industry professionals fulfilling maintenance jobs may need to have completed high school educations at the very least and also attained necessary licenses and certifications for operating heavy equipment. These professionals may have to perform some logistical tasks associated with keeping logs of equipment and tool usage on a drilling site.


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