What are the Different Types of Wireless Spy Camera?

G. Wiesen

There are many different types of wireless spy cameras, from devices that can be concealed on a person’s body to cameras intended for placement in a home or business for heightened security and surveillance. These cameras can sometimes be clearly visible as cameras, such as surveillance cameras that can be mounted outdoors. Other cameras are intended to remain secret, however, and can include a number of different devices that look innocuous while containing a hidden camera. The way in which a wireless spy camera is made to function wirelessly, however, can vary greatly from one device to another.

An individual may choose to use a wireless spy camera to observe their child's caretaker.
An individual may choose to use a wireless spy camera to observe their child's caretaker.

A wireless spy camera is a type of camera that is usually hidden, in one of a number of different ways, that records and stores images without a physical connection to another device. These cameras can be part of a larger system or self-contained and used for recording and storing images that can be viewed on a separate system at a later time. One common use of these types of cameras is for security and surveillance outside of a home or business. While a standard surveillance camera can be used to record images and deter intruders, a wireless spy camera can record images secretly and transmit them to a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system.

Some people may have their children wear a mini surveillance camera while in the care of a nanny.
Some people may have their children wear a mini surveillance camera while in the care of a nanny.

There are also uses for a wireless spy camera indoors, such as for monitoring employees in a home or office to ensure proper conduct is upheld. These cameras are often used as “nanny cams” and can be concealed in other objects to remain hidden while in use. Anything from stuffed animals, toys, and clocks to other electronic devices, such as electric razors or disc players, pens, and key chains can contain a wireless spy camera. Use of such cameras can potentially violate someone’s right to privacy, however, so care should be taken before placing a camera in certain locations.

While a wireless spy camera works without a physical connection to an external system, there are several different ways in which this can be achieved. A wireless camera can still connect to an external system wirelessly, often through a wireless network or similar connection. This is often used to transmit images and audio from this type of camera to another system, such as a CCTV or a computer, for viewing and saving of data. A wireless spy camera can also include internal data storage and memory, allowing the camera to record images without relaying them to any type of external system until they are retrieved from the camera.

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If you're going to get a hidden wireless spy camera to use outside your home, you should definitely make sure the camera is meant for outdoor use. Most electronics aren't meant to be used outdoors where they can be exposed to rain, wind, snow, and other bad weather. If you use one of these camera's outside your house, they probably won't last long.

It's way easier to just buy the right thing first, instead of replacing something. So do your research before purchasing!


@dautsun - I agree, and I think in a lot of places it's illegal to use a wireless hidden spy camera to videotape your employees without their knowledge. As it should be!

Aside from the privacy issue, I think it's better in a lot of cases to use a camera that employees and other people can see. An employee is far less likely to steal from a cash register if they know they're on camera. And a customer is much less likely to steal from a store if they can see that there are security camera's everywhere.

So I think it's better to have the cameras be visible because it deters theft and other crimes. Instead of having to worry about rolling the tapes back to catch someone stealing, you can prevent this stuff from happening in the first place.


I really don't think people should use a spy video camera without letting the person who is being filmed know. I disagree with the use of nanny cam's and other secret cameras in the work place.

It's one thing if the employee knows they're being monitored, but quite another if they don't. Even though I don't do anything "bad," I don't think I would like every single thing I do all day to be recorded secretly on a video camera for other people to watch. The idea is actually kind of creepy!

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