What Are the Different Types of Winter Hats?

Lumara Lee

Men and women have a wide variety of winter hats to choose from when the temperatures drop beyond the basic knit stocking cap. Berets, newsboys, cloches, fedoras, and trappers are just a few of the many styles of winter hats available. Winter hats are generally made of warmer fabrics than those used for summer hats, with some popular materials being corduroy, wool, felt, fleece, and fur.

Hats with ear flaps may help keep individuals warm during the winter.
Hats with ear flaps may help keep individuals warm during the winter.

A beret is a type of soft hat that has a round shape and doesn’t have a brim. Berets come in different fabrics and knits and are held in place by a band that is closely fitted to the head. Winter hats designed in the beret style are often knitted or crocheted with wool or other thick yarns. The beret is a unisex style popular with both men and women who like to dress with some bohemian flair.

The cloche hat was popular with 1920s flappers.
The cloche hat was popular with 1920s flappers.

Newsboy caps are casual winter hats that sport a small brim and are worn by both genders. Some popular materials used for these winter hats are corduroy, felt, wool plaids and tweeds, and crocheted and knitted yarns. Newsboy caps are also available in prints and a wide assortment of solid color fabrics.

A stocking cap is a winter hat.
A stocking cap is a winter hat.

Cloche hats came into vogue during the 1920s and were a common head covering with women who dressed in the flapper style. The cloche hat was named for its shape, and cloche means bell in French. Cloche winter hats are commonly made of soft felt although other fabrics may be used. This style of brimmed lady’s hat is often adorned with ribbon and remains a popular style of headgear today.

The fedora is a winter hat style commonly worn by both men and women. A fedora is commonly made of wool or felt. It has a crown that is creased along its length and a brim that goes completely around the hat. This style of hat experienced a wave of popularity when the Indiana Jones character in the popular movies made in the latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st sported a fedora throughout all of his adventures.

Trappers are some of the warmest winter hats available. Sometimes called aviator hats, trappers have ear flaps that can be worn down to cover the ears or can be flipped up in warmer weather. Fur, leather, and fleece are commonly used to make these warm hats, and some styles are quilted for extra warmth. Trappers are worn by both women and men.

Winter hats are generally made of warmer fabrics, such as corduroy.
Winter hats are generally made of warmer fabrics, such as corduroy.

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My favorite kind of winter hat is a real fur trapper hat with the ear flaps that can either be worn down or buttoned up. Where I live the winters can be absolutely brutal and I like the ability to choose how much of my head I want covered without having to switch to a different hat.

As a guy I find a lot of hats are designed to look more slick and while the hats look nice I just don't find little knitted caps very warm. Give me some leather and thick fur any day. For those who are into saving the animals, faux fur works just as well as real.


@animegal - My younger sister has the Spirit Hoods Forrest Fox hat and she loves it for winter. It is really warm and cozy and she likes that there is a place to tuck her hands into. The reality is though that these hoods just aren't for everyday wear. As far as she concerned it is good for outings with friends but she just can't see having animal ears on her head every single day.

For a hat that costs well over $100 USD I would suggest making it a fashion purchase and getting a real hat for those days when you don't want to be ultra cute.


Has anyone tried out wearing any of those cute Spirit Hoods hats? Did you find that they kept your head at the right temperature or were they just good for style?

I have had my eye on the Spirit Hoods Snow Leopard hat for winter and I love how amazing it looks, but don't want to spend a ton of cash on something that doesn't have much function. I admit to being a bit of a sucker for fashion, but knowing it will drop way below zero this winter is making me cautious with my purchases. I want to be cute and warm.

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