What are the Different Types of Windows&Reg; Security Software?

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Some people may argue that a computer running the Windows® operating system is more prone to malicious attacks than other operating systems. Hackers and thieves can use viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other malware to infiltrate and steal information from a person’s computer. To combat this, the Microsoft Corporation has developed security software designed to keep computers running Windows® operating systems safer. Some of the different types of Windows® security software are Windows® Firewall, Windows® Defender, the Malicious Software Removal Tool, and Windows Live® OneCare™. When buying or downloading these software products, care must be taken to ensure you are downloading an official version of the software as some people have developed rogue anti-malware software designed to look like the originals.

OneCare™ is a Windows® security software intended to protect a personal computer (PC) from a variety of attacks. It is comprised of several different types of programs that work together to help keep unwanted files out of a system. Some of the programs OneCare™ includes are an anti-virus program, an anti-spyware program, and a two way firewall. As of 15 October, 2009, OneCare™ will no longer be sold and will be only available for existing subscribers for the length of their subscriptions. The Microsoft® Corporation will start offering Microsoft® Security Essentials, another tool designed to protect computers against different forms of malware.


Another Windows® security software is Windows&ref; Defender. This program comes with the Windows Vista® operating system and can be downloaded for Windows XP® SP2 and Windows Server 2003® SP1. Windows® Defender helps to eliminate or block pop-up ads, spyware, and other undesired software from computers. The Malicious Software Removal Tool is a Windows® security software program that removes malicious software and works on operating systems such as Windows Vista®, Windows 2000®, Windows XP® and Windows Server 2003®. In order to keep up with the amount of malicious software on the market, Microsoft releases an updated version of the product at least every second Tuesday of the month.

Another security program designed for many Windows® operating systems is Windows® Firewall. A firewall is a program that attempts to block all unauthorized access from gaining entry into a computer system. It should be noted that care should be taken when obtaining the appropriate Windows® security software products because there are rogue programs littering cyberspace that are designed to look like the real thing. To protect yourself, be sure you do not trust any program you did not open yourself, and do not trust any program that requires you to buy a license to remove found infections as often times this is just a scam designed to steal your money and download software that could harm your computer further. Instead, be sure to have reliable anti-malware software on your computer, always keep it updated, and scan and back up your computer on a regular basis.


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