What Are the Different Types of Wholesale Party Supplies?

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There are many different types of party supplies available wholesale, including balloons, party tape, and small party favors. Helium or regular air balloons are an inexpensive way to add party atmosphere, and are available in a plethora of colors. Also called streamers, party tape is a party supply item often used in conjunction with balloons and can also be had cheaply in bulk. In addition, party favors are wholesale party supplies that can give guests something to remember the event by.

Among the most popular types of wholesale party supplies are balloons. This party item comes in a variety of colors and can serve as a generic party decoration. Balloons can be hung from ceilings, dropped on people, or just thrown around for fun. Sometimes, special events call for custom balloons with words or pictures printed on them; for example, a birthday balloon might read "Happy 30th!" These wholesale party supplies can be filled with air or helium, the latter of which can make them float upward or hang taught from a string.


One of the most common types of wholesale party supplies is party tape, because it is easy to use excessive amounts when decorating for parties. Party tape is usually strung across ceilings and walls to foster a decorative atmosphere. Like balloons, this party material is available in many different colors and, if the pattern is not too specific, be used for most casual parties. If an event organizer is looking to stock up on wholesale party supplies for a particular type of party, however, many specific types of party tape are available, such as tape for a birthday or tailgate party. An advantage of party tape is its ability to go just about anywhere and fill in gaps among other decorations.

Sometimes people stock up on party favors to give out freely to all guests who show up. Party favors are typically inexpensive enough to give to every guest, and can sometimes be used for group fun. For example, small plastic water guns as party favors can spark impromptu water fights and improve the lighthearted fun of the event. Temporary tattoos are another example of cheap party favors that can still be amusing for party-goers. Also, depending on the tone of a party, awards such as blue ribbons are sometimes given out to guests of honor to thank them or recognize their achievements.


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