What Are the Different Types of Wholesale Paper?

Alex Tree

Many different types of wholesale paper can be purchased, such as cardstock, a thick versatile paper used in arts and crafts projects. Paper envelopes, especially the standard letter size, and computer paper for printing and copying are often purchased in bulk. Furthermore, preprinted invitation cards can also be purchased at wholesale. In addition, customized stationary paper can be purchased in bulk.

Paper for computer printers usually is thinner than cardstock.
Paper for computer printers usually is thinner than cardstock.

One type of wholesale paper is referred to as cardstock. Otherwise known as construction paper, this thick paper is often used in the creation of arts and crafts. Wholesale paper cardstock does have some variables; for example, cardstock comes in different colors and sizes. In addition, another difference between the different types of cardstock is texture, which can include glossy, rough and smooth types.

There are a number of different sizes, styles and colors of wholesale envelopes available.
There are a number of different sizes, styles and colors of wholesale envelopes available.

Another wholesale paper product is envelopes, which are used to mail flat items, typically letters. While different sizes and shapes of envelopes exist, one of the most common types to purchase wholesale is the security envelope in letter size. This size of envelope is designed to comfortably fit a normal size piece of computer paper folded into a third. A security envelope includes a printed interior so it cannot easily be looked through. These wholesale envelopes have one of two common adhesive methods for being closed: an adhesive that becomes sticky after removing a protective coated strip or an adhesive that becomes sticky after applying moisture to it.

One type of wholesale paper that is commonly purchased is computer paper. This paper is typically white and fairly thin. Usually, the standard letter size is purchased because it is most commonly supported by printers and copiers.

Sometimes people purchase paper invitations at wholesale. Large events such as weddings or birthday parties often entail sending a festive missive to a large number of people. Information such as the date of the event and how many extra people the invited person can bring is detailed on each invitation. In fact, everything except a signature is usually printed on the invitations and all a person has to do is sign and mail them.

Both individual and companies purchase wholesale stationary paper. Stationary paper is typically a type of paper that is personalized in some way. Usually a name and address, as well as a company name if applicable, is printed as a header on each piece of stationary paper. Sometimes an emblem is embossed or a design pattern is incorporated into the paper.

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