What Are the Different Types of Wholesale Merchandise?

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Wholesale suppliers offer many types of wholesale merchandise. One of the main types of wholesale merchandise is consumer goods, such as electronics and clothing. Another type is industrial and business goods, such as tools and supplies. Buying wholesale merchandise can be advantageous to businesses and some individuals.

In the consumer category, electronics are a popular type of wholesale merchandise. Wholesale clothing for men, women and children is also readily available. Another type of consumer merchandise is costume or fine jewelry. Personal care items such as soaps, lotions and fragrances are also easily sourced through wholesalers. Pet supplies are another a popular type of consumer wholesale merchandise.

Retailers that have physical or online stores might purchase their consumer-oriented goods through wholesalers. Individuals also might find some wholesalers that will do business with them. In these cases, the individuals usually make larger purchases than is typical.

The industrial and business goods category also offers a multitude of types of wholesale merchandise. Many wholesalers specialize in serving particular industries or businesses. There are distributors for various types of goods, such as tools for metalworking shops; dental, medical and surgical supplies; and tattoo and body piercing supplies. Restaurants also will find wholesale suppliers that offer merchandise for their businesses.


Although some distributors specialize, others might focus on types of wholesale merchandise that are useful for just about any organization. In this group, common types of wholesale products can include cleaning supplies, office supplies and office furniture. Packaging and maintenance supplies also might be offered.

Buying wholesale merchandise instead of buying from a retailer might offer advantages. For individuals or organizations that buy in bulk, prices might be lower. The buyer might be able to find items that aren’t commonly available through retail suppliers or that are manufactured by a company that supplies goods only to distributors and large buyers.

Wholesaler distributors might be knowledgeable about their industry and can guide buyers in making a wise purchase. They might offer some services, such as payment terms, that can ease cash flow for buyers. In some cases, the wholesaler might be willing to carry stock, which will lower the buyers’ inventory costs while providing confidence that the goods will be available when needed.

Some buyers might find relationships with drop shippers to be especially advantageous. Drop shippers carry all inventory and ship directly to the end customer as requested by the buyer. The buyer has no costs involved in inventory or shipping but solicits business, places orders and processes payments. Drop shipping can be a low-risk way for a retailer to build a business.


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