What Are the Different Types of Wholesale Electronics?

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Whether for personal use by family and friends, as give-away items for a contest, or for resale, purchasing wholesale electronics can save big bucks. There are numerous types of wholesale electronics — virtually everything under the sun — from DVD players to video games, cellular phones, camcorders, stereo systems and gadgets galore. Wholesalers typically carry a variety of new top-name brands, generic "knock-offs," and used or refurbished models. Depending upon the quantity ordered, consumers can find deals of 30 to 75% off retail prices.

Individuals and businesses selling electronics on eBay, Amazon, and other e-commerce websites frequently purchase surplus electronics in bulk from wholesalers. Video game consoles are hot sellers through wholesale outlets. Home and car audio gear like speakers, amplifiers, radio tuners, CD and DVD players, turntables, and video cassette recorders may also be found in bulk at very low prices. Digital cameras, camcorders and other audio-visual items are typically offered by wholesale electronics warehouses. It's not unusual to find returned, liquidated or overstocked brand names like Magnavox, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Nikon, JVC, Nikon, and Toshiba in stock.


Nearly new or refurbished computers, printers, peripherals and notebooks are available through several online wholesalers, as well as through local bricks-and-mortar warehouses. Many local wholesale electronics outlets allow the general public in to shop, but direct sales are usually limited to just one day a week and only during certain hours. Buyers who are able to shop locally can find great deals on digital audio players, cellular phones, car alarm systems, global positioning systems (GPS), radar detectors, home security cameras and surveillance equipment through shopping wholesalers in their area. Sometimes the buyer may have to drive a few hundred miles to the nearest wholesale dealer. Doing so can still save him or her a bundle on shipping large, heavy items such as flat-screen TVs.

Every wholesaler has different items in stock at any given time, and in varying quantities. When shopping wholesale, buyers should already have an idea of the specific make and model of items they want to purchase. A quick Internet search of the manufacturer's name and model number will yield several wholesale outlets carrying that product. It is recommended that shoppers narrow these choices down to a handful of wholesalers who have the specific item at an affordable price. Some wholesalers require buyers to purchase in large bulk shipments; others do not.

Buyers are frequently warned about online electronics wholesale goods scams. It is important for potential buyers to check the seller's ratings, reviews, and feedback from existing customers before buying. In the United States, consumers may also want to investigate the company's reputation with the Better Business Bureau. A search of the BBB's website will indicate whether consumers have filed complaints about that company before. Buyers are always encouraged to do business with a wholesale warehouse in their own country or near their city of residence to reduce the risk of being defrauded by unscrupulous or fly-by-night overseas sellers. As a general rule, however, if a price seems too good to be true, there is usually a reason for consumers to beware.


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Great article, thanks. I had some bad luck buying wholesale from abroad, so I now only use UK based suppliers.

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