What Are the Different Types of Wholesale Accessories?

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There are thousands of different wholesale accessories, from costume jewelry for the Broadway stage to glowing toys waved at music concerts. Jewelry is perhaps one of the most varied type of accessories, with pieces to fit most price ranges. Glowing toys are an accessory that must be purchased again and again because they do not last forever, but they are popular toys for adults and children alike. Cosmetics for men and women can also be purchased wholesale with qualities for all sorts of uses. Handbags are another type of accessory commonly purchased wholesale, but like designer perfume and clothing, the market is rife with counterfeit items.

One fairly common category of wholesale accessories is jewelry, which is often purchased cheaply for themed organizations and events. Many different levels of jewelry quality are available for purchase wholesale, from costume jewelry to flawless diamonds. Necklaces, rings, and bracelets can all be purchased wholesale. Often, wholesale costume jewelry will share a common theme, such as an animal like an owl or elephant. Furthermore, fake stylized and brightly colored gems are often included in popular styles of wholesale rings and bracelets.


Glowing toys and wearable items are a common category of wholesale accessories. These wholesale accessories are commonly used during small- and large-scale nighttime events. One type of glowing toy, the glow stick, is often draped around a person’s body or waved around to display a smear of color in the air. Toys such as glowing throwing discs and glowing golf balls are often purchased wholesale so that large groups of people can participate in a nighttime recreational event together. Furthermore, glowing decorative hats, often with horns or other extravagant decorations, are often purchased wholesale.

A further category of accessories that are often purchased wholesale are handbags. Handbags, also called purses, can often be quite expensive if they are of a designer quality. It is usually considered important to stay on the lookout for counterfeit handbags, however, as many black market dealers try to make money this way. Wholesale handbags are available in a wide variety of colors, prices, and designs.

Another category of commonly purchased wholesale accessories are cosmetics. Many different types of wholesale cosmetics are often purchased for resale or large group events. Nearly any type of cosmetic imaginable is available wholesale, including eye liner, lipstick, and nail polish. Wholesale cosmetics are often integrated into large events as party favors.


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