What Are the Different Types of Whole Grain Muffins?

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Whole grain muffins include a variety of different whole grains, like wheat or oats, while containing ingredient additions like fruit, pureed pumpkin, chocolate or raisins. Breakfast muffins made with whole grains usually contain rolled oats and some time of mashed fruit, like bananas or strawberries. The various types of whole grains used are rye, barley and sorghum, as well as buckwheat, quinoa and other gluten-free whole grain varieties. Since whole grain muffins are usually considered to be healthier alternatives to their white flour counterparts, many muffins made with whole grains are promoted by nutritionists and physicians for their fiber content.

Muffins made with whole grains often use whole wheat flour as the main base ingredient, adding various ingredients such as dried or fresh fruit and seasonings. Pumpkin whole grain muffins are usually made with wheat flour as well as pureed pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger, and are often prepared during the autumn months. Gluten-free versions of pumpkin muffins can still use whole grains, substituting the wheat flour for a gluten-free whole grain meal or flour. Quinoa flour and sorghum flour are two examples of whole grain flours that can easily be used in any gluten-free whole grain muffin recipe.


Apple whole grain muffins are also popular, usually containing fresh apple slices, cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as a brown sugar crumble topping. This muffin may be served during coffee or tea, and is also a popular baked product consumed during breakfast or between meals for a snack. Banana nut muffins are commonly made with whole grains, like rolled oats and whole wheat flour, and are very common as breakfast muffins with their sweet and filling texture. More often than not, the majority of whole grain muffins do not contain frosting like cupcakes and are denser, which makes them perfect as a meal replacement.

Blueberry muffins made with whole grains generally use all whole wheat flour, or a whole grain gluten-free flour, along with dark brown sugar and fresh or frozen blueberries. These types of muffins are popular as snacks and are commonly made in the warm, summer months. Since whole grains contain a significant amount of fiber and other nutrients, most nutritionists recommend whole grain muffins over their white flour counterparts. Although they are considered healthier, muffins made with whole grains can still contain a high amount of sugar, making it important to observe sugar content and to consume in moderation.


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