What are the Different Types of Wheeled Trolley?

Sheri Cyprus

The different types of wheeled trolley designs include kitchen, shopping, layered hand cart, luggage and folding models as well as specialty beach and golf trolleys. Wheeled trolley manufacturers may specialize in one particular type or produce various kinds of trolleys with wheels. For example, a trolley company may make only commercial hand trucks or it may manufacture a variety of wheeled carts for both home and business use.

Some medical trolleys are used to store or move supplies throughout the hospital.
Some medical trolleys are used to store or move supplies throughout the hospital.

Remote control golf trolleys can be a lot of fun to use as well as convenient. Many golfers like to use a remote control wheeled trolley as an alternative to carrying a golf bag or pushing a large cart. Most remote control trolleys used for golf have three wheels — two in the back and one in the front.

Wheeled beach trolleys usually have six wheels and are used for launching water craft such as jet skis. Unlike most types of trolley wheels, the tires on beach trolleys are thick and heavy duty. These wheels are designed to roll easily over sandy and rocky terrains.

A folding trolley is often lightweight and made to be easy to use when traveling. These types of wheeled trollies aren’t usually designed for heavy or commercial use, but rather to transport light loads. Luggage trolleys are often quite sturdy and feature straps to hold suitcases on securely. Salespeople and musicians often use a luggage trolley to transport supplies or equipment. Folding and luggage trolleys have two back wheels, a platform and a handle; these are also called hand trucks or carts.

Layered wheeled hand carts may have three or more tiers of wire shelving. They usually have four wheels as well as a wide handle. Food or laundry service businesses may use a layered wheeled trolley to transport or temporarily store items.

Shopping carts have two large back wheels, a frame-style handle and a rectangular area in which to hold groceries. This storage area may be made of large, open wire mesh or it may be a metal frame with a nylon bag insert. A shopping cart is designed to be handy to use when walking to the supermarket to buy groceries.

Wheeled kitchen trolleys vary in their combinations of closed and open shelving. Some kitchen carts or trolleys have slide-out wire baskets. A kitchen wheeled trolley may contain small drawers as well as a towel bar and hooks to hold kitchen utensils. Many styles of kitchen trolley feature a wood chopping block top. Most trolleys made for kitchen use have four small castors for wheels.

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