What Are the Different Types of Wedding Serving Sets?

Judith Smith Sullivan

Wedding serving sets are available in a select variety of metals and many different styles. They may be modern or traditional, bedazzled or plain, but all typically include a knife with a coordinating cake server. The price for wedding serving sets varies greatly, depending on the brand name and embellishments, but there is very little variation in each set's practical function.

People drinking champagne at a wedding.
People drinking champagne at a wedding.

The size of wedding serving sets is fairly standard. Knives are typically 13 inches long (about 33 cm) and cake servers are around 11.5 inches long (about 29 cm). There is some deviation from these lengths, but usually not more than an inch (2.5 cm).

Many brides select a serving set that reflects the tone of the wedding reception.
Many brides select a serving set that reflects the tone of the wedding reception.

Typically, the cake server is either a wedge or a square. The wedge is triangular with a pointed or rounded tip, and the square is actually rectangular. Knives vary in sharpness, but because cake doesn't require a very sharp edge to slice, most wedding serving sets are quite dull. The tip of the knife may be tapered or shaped into an artistic curve.

Most serving sets are made from stainless steel, silver, or silver plate. The cheapest are made from stainless steel, and sterling silver is definitely the most expensive. Sterling silver sets are also not as common because of the expense. Silver-plated serving sets are more widely available.

Although it does have a practical purpose, most serving sets are chosen for their visual appeal. The "cutting of the cake" along with eating the first bite and sipping the first champagne are traditional photo opportunities for the bride and groom. With that in mind, the cake server and knife are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal and not their practicality.

Most brides select a wedding set that reflects their personal style and the style of their wedding. Typically, it is the handle which reflects that style, although the flat side of the cake server and knife can be monogrammed. The handle can be made of stainless steel, sterling silver or silver-plate, enamel, porcelain, or crystal. Although not as popular, wooden and faux wood handles are also available.

If a couple has chosen a china or flatware pattern, there is often a coordinating wedding serving set made by the same company. These are typically more expensive than other sets with the exception of sterling silver wedding serving sets, although they are typically made from stainless steel. In this case, it is the brand name and matching design which creates the higher price.

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