What are the Different Types of Web Development Firms?

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Among the types of web development firms are those that offer custom web application development, website design, e-commerce capabilities, database development and database-web integration. Most web development firms, however, offer most or all of these services because of how highly competitive the business is. Other services or types offered by web development firms include search engine optimization, the creation of intranets and extranets, the creation of merchant accounts and consultation services.

Custom web application development involves the creation of a website based on the personal requests of the client; that client could be an individual or a business. This type of service also usually involves consultation, because customers might know what they want and need but not the best way to achieve their goals. Often, more than one type of service is supplied by web development firms for the completion of a single project. For example, an individual or business might require website design, e-commerce capabilities and search engine optimization.

Website design refers to the visual aspects or graphics of a site. Designers consider how visitors to a site are affected by things such as color combinations, images, logos and navigation. Merchant account creation goes hand-in-hand with e-commerce capabilities, allowing individuals and companies to receive payment for goods and services via a credit card.


E-commerce capabilities are probably one of the most important aspect of most web development firms because of the popularity of buying and selling merchandise and services online. A large number of websites are database-driven or simply data-driven, which generally means that the bulk of their content is called from a database each time a visitors visits the site. Database development as well as database-web integration are offered by many web development firms.

Search engine optimization (SEO) services also are typically offered by web development firms because of the need for a site to be visible to search engines in order to attract visitors. Other important services often offered by web development firms include the creation of intranets and extranets. An intranet allows employees of a company to view and share internal data. Extranets allow an inside view of personal information stored at a company via the technology used by the world wide web. For example, bank account holders often can securely manage their finances and accounts online instead of having to physically go to their financial institution.


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