What Are the Different Types of Water Dragon Cages?

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Water dragons make excellent exotic pets, provided that they have the proper enclosure. Depending on the size of a water dragon, its cage can be small, but a larger one is preferred. Water dragon cages should also be tall, since these lizards are climbers. An ordinary aquarium should be sufficient, but divided water dragon cages and cages with waterfalls are ideal. The water in the enclosure should also be kept as clean as possible.

Small water dragons, such as juveniles, can often be temporarily kept in 10- to 20-gallon (38 to 76 liter) fish aquariums. Water dragons grow quickly, however, and adult water dragon cages should be much larger. A 50-gallon (189 liter) aquarium would be ideal.

Water dragons are arboreal lizards, meaning that they enjoy climbing to high spots in trees. Ideal water dragon cages should be tall enough to allow them to do this. An arboreal cage is generally the perfect type of water dragon cage. This type of cage is taller than it is wide, and it can hold tall trees and branches for these lizards to climb on.


Water is another important consideration for all water dragon cages. These lizards not only drink the water in their cages, but they also immerse themselves in it. Some of these lizards will also leap from the high branches of a tree when startled and land in the water below. Shallow dishes of water will usually suffice, but the water in these should be replaced daily, since it will get dirty.

A divider, which is roughly a few inches (7.6 centimeters) high, can also be used in some tall water dragon cages. The divider should be as wide as the enclosure, and it can be glued into place at the bottom of the tank. This will allow water dragon owners to fill one half of the bottom of the tank with substrate and the other half with water. Since the water in these tanks is hard to remove and replace, aquarium filters should be used.

Tall aquariums with waterfalls also make excellent water dragon cages. These tanks can be filled part of the way with water, which is pumped up to the top of an artificial rock face. The water then flows down the side of the rock face, creating a waterfall. Aquarium filters should be used in these types of water dragon cages as well, since it is hard to remove the water to replace it.


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