What Are the Different Types of Wardrobe Accessories?

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The different types of wardrobe accessories include knobs, handles, hangers, rails, hooks, organizer racks, drawers and bins. The kinds of accessory pieces used in a wardrobe depends on the specific compartments the storage furniture has as well as the needs and preferences of its owner. The accessories may be included or available as options to add with a certain manufacturer's wardrobe or people may just choose accessory pieces from a closet supply store.

Bins may be placed along upper shelves in a wardrobe for extra storage. For example, clear acrylic bins may be lined up to store shoes while allowing each pair to be seen. Opaque bins or containers may also be used on shelves as wardrobe accessories for storage; these may be labeled to identify the contents. Brightly colored plastic bins are often featured in children's wardrobes either to hold outfits for kids to access or to use as toy storage.

Freestanding drawers may be added to a wardrobe as a useful accessory. These self-standing drawer units may be small or large and made from plastic, metal or wood. While smaller drawer units could hold jewelry or scarves, larger ones could contain folded clothing. Metal wardrobe drawers are often made of metal wire.


Organizer racks may also be made from wire. Popular rack types of accessories for wardrobes include those to hold belts or ties. A metal wire or wooden slatted shoe rack may sit on the bottom of a wardrobe if there isn't already one built into the furniture piece. Hooks are wardrobe accessories that may be attached to the insides of the doors to further the amount of storage possibilities. Wardrobe hooks may hold items such as bags, scarves or necklaces.

Rails, or rods, are common wardrobe accessories as they hold hangers of clothing. A very basic wardrobe may be quite plain inside except for one rail and an upper shelf. Other, larger wardrobes may contain at least two rails — one near the top and the other close to the middle of the furniture piece. In this way, the space is used more efficiently as two rows of tops and bottoms may be hung there instead of one. Many wardrobes also have a single rail section to hang longer clothing items such as coats.

Hangers for wardrobes range from plastic to wood and inexpensive to expensive. They may be rounded in shape or quite boxy and square. Unlike the other types of wardrobe accessories, handles and knobs are also exterior rather than just interior features. They add both useful and decorative touches to wardrobes. The size, materials and design of wardrobe knobs and handles vary according to the type of storage furniture they are used on.


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