What are the Different Types of Wall Tapestries?

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There are numerous styles of wall tapestries that can dramatically impact any type of decor; a few of the most popular styles include floral prints, historical and war prints, landscapes, contemporary varieties, and wall decals or wall stickers. Wall tapestries are commonly made of wool or cotton fiber and are manufactured in a wide selection of sizes to fit the demands of most any room. The majority of wall tapestries are square or rectangular in shape.

Floral print tapestries are among the most widely found types of home wall decor. Certain cultures pride themselves on their floral tapestry craftsmanship, and this high level of talent is evidenced by the floral wall art prevalent throughout the world. Most designs are quite intricate and colorful and are sold in an array of color schemes to match any space.

Wall tapestries depicting historic or war scenes are popular choices as well. These tapestries are usually dramatic, offering a detailed snapshot of a certain moment in time, usually a moment of great social or political importance. Tapestries of this variety are usually quite large. Bayeux tapestries, for example, depict scenes from the Norman Conquest and are commonly 20 inches (50 cm) tall by 230 feet (70 m) in width. Bayeux tapestries make for unusually striking and theatrical wall decorations.


Landscapes are another smart and attractive choice for a wall tapestry. These can portray a variety of outdoor scenes, from sunny meadows to roiling oceans, from breathtaking mountainscapes to sunsets and sunrises. Many wall tapestries of this type contain images of castles, which can add a more historic feel and a definite zing of theatricality.

Wall tapestries in contemporary styles can be purchased in any number of varieties. Most modern art tapestries are abstract in nature, so while these choices are impressive, they may not mesh with all types of room decor. An abstract wall design can be large or small, rectangular, circular, or even triangular, and typically employs a diverse palette of colors. Wall decoration of this style can definitely be more of a conversation piece than other types of tapestries.

An unorthodox though widely utilized type of wall tapestry comes in the form of decals or vinyl wall stickers. These are typically much more affordable than traditional tapestries, which can be quite costly. Decals and stickers are available in numerous scenes and styles, and they have the added benefit of easy mounting and removal. They do not stick to a wall with adhesive tape or glue, and no nails are necessary to mount them. The vinyl is constructed to stick directly to the wall and can be removed or resituated with ease.


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