What are the Different Types of Walkie Talkie Accessories?

G. Wiesen

There are many different types of walkie talkie accessories, though most are designed and created to make using a walkie talkie easier. Some of the most common types of accessories include portable chargers for walkie talkies that can be connected to a vehicle lighter to provide portable power, charging stations that can charge multiple walkie talkies at once, and rechargeable battery packs. There are also walkie talkie accessories that make using walkie talkies easier, such as headset attachments and speaker microphones that can be used at a distance from the walkie talkie handset itself.

The handheld nature of walkie talkies makes them portable.
The handheld nature of walkie talkies makes them portable.

Walkie talkie accessories are, generally, devices and equipment that can be used with a walkie talkie to make the walkie talkie easier to use or more efficient. Sometimes called two-way radios, walkie talkies are devices that can be used for portable communication using radio waves over a relatively short distance. There are also more long-range devices that utilize satellite signals and other hardware to expand the range of such devices, though these are often more expensive than traditional walkie talkies. Walkie talkie accessories are devices that can be used with these walkie talkies to make their use easier, or to provide other features that are not standard for walkie talkies.

Walkie talkies run on battery power.
Walkie talkies run on battery power.

Since walkie talkies run on battery power, there are many different walkie talkie accessories designed to allow the use of walkie talkies when away from a regular power source. Many walkie talkies use rechargeable batteries, allowing a person to use one for an extended period of time and then recharge it while not in use. There are charging stations that can be used to charge multiple walkie talkies or batteries at once, using only a single power socket. Walkie talkie accessories for power supplies can also include chargers that allow a walkie talkie to be plugged into a mobile power source such as a vehicle lighter outlet.

The handheld nature of walkie talkies makes them highly portable, but use of a walkie talkie typically requires a dedicated hand to use. There are walkie talkie accessories that allow hands-free use through a headset, usually consisting of tiny speakers that fit against a person’s ear and a small microphone. A speaker microphone can also be connected to a walkie talkie through a long cord, allowing easier use of a walkie talkie while the device remains on a person’s belt or pocket. These types of accessories are often used by police officers and security personnel and are typically worn near a person’s shoulder.

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