What Are the Different Types of Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers?

Different types of volunteer opportunities for teenagers exist in a wide range of fields and positions. Volunteer opportunities are available after school, during the summer, and over the holidays. Types of opportunities include working with young children, pets, or the elderly.

After school opportunities can help teenagers develop a sense of responsibility and a good work ethic. Volunteer opportunities for teenagers looking to volunteer after school include tutoring and volunteering as a mentor. These opportunities can often be found through local schools, community centers, and recreation departments.

Volunteer opportunities for teenagers during the summer months can keep teenagers busy and help them develop a good resume for college applications. During the summer, summer camps and day camps need volunteers to help organize, setup events, and act as chaperones for younger kids. Other opportunities include working with sports programs, such as local community center summer programs or special events.

During the holidays, a wide variety of volunteer opportunities exist to help give back to the surrounding community during times of need. Food banks and homeless shelters are a good opportunity for teenagers to lend a helping hand while learning an important lesson about giving back to those who are less fortunate. Helping to organize a toy drive or hand out donated gifts is another way for teenagers to get involved during the holiday season.


Volunteering to help pets is an option for teenagers with a love of animals. Local animal shelters and animal rescue groups can benefit from the assistance of teenage volunteers to help keep animals clean, fed, and exercised. Teenagers who intend to enter professions handling animals, such as veterinary medicine, can benefit from the learning experience of handling a wide range of animals while sharing love and care with animals in need.

Working with the elderly is another of the many volunteer opportunities for teenagers. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can use teenage volunteers for arts and crafts activities and regular visits. In addition, regular volunteer opportunities for teenagers can include visiting with elderly neighbors, running errands for those who have a hard time getting out, and helping them around their own homes with chores and basic upkeep, such as mowing the lawn.

Other opportunities also exist around the local community. One option is to volunteer in local river cleanups or with local parks for preservation and conservation activities. Volunteering in local political campaigns is another option.


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Thanks for sharing the helpful post. Volunteering in the teenage can teach a lot of valuable lessons and give back to the community. These valuable skills will also help the teens to get the future job.

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We keep our kids plugged into our local church and the opportunities available there. They get the opportunity, then, to help out people in the community and work with an organization that believes in the importance of giving back.

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