What Are the Different Types of Voicemail Apps?

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Different types of voicemail apps, or applications, are often designed around practical needs and uses that phone users may have for them. Some of the most popular apps are those that provide greater visual details and control over a voicemail inbox, rather than relying upon phone menu navigation. There are also voicemail apps that provide individual features, such as the ability to convert messages to text for easy viewing and apps for message forwarding. Some apps can even be used to alter the way in which calls can be made, such as one that allows a phone user to call directly to another person’s inbox.

Voicemail apps are small software programs or applications that can be installed and used on a phone to provide more features to its user. Some popular apps allow a phone user to better access messages in a voicemail account and to have more control over them. These voicemail apps can include a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows a user to see messages in a virtual inbox and manipulate them accordingly. This enables someone to navigate and choose messages using a system that is more like an email inbox, rather than through an audio phone menu and voice commands.


There are also voicemail apps that can be used to establish certain features or controls over inboxes and messaging systems. Someone can use an app to have recorded messages in an inbox converted from talk-to-text, which then typically sends the text message to the phone. Such voicemail apps allow a user to access and read messages rather than listening to them, which can be useful in a business meeting or other environment where listening to audio is inappropriate. Certain apps can also be used for message forwarding, allowing a user to access messages in an account and then have them sent to an email account or another phone number.

Some voicemail apps can be used to change the way in which a person can access an account inbox. For example, an application might allow a phone user to more easily access multiple accounts from a single phone, through established passwords. In order for a phone user to leave a message in someone’s inbox, a call typically has to be received and not answered by that person. There are voicemail apps that can be used to directly call to a receiving person’s voicemail, skipping the possibility for the receiver to answer and ensuring the call goes directly to an inbox.


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