What Are the Different Types of Vocabulary Software?

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Some of the most common types of vocabulary software are programs for students, those preparing to take exams, professional writers, and individuals wising to learn a second language. In most cases, users must purchase software that they can install on their personal computers. Students often times have access to free vocabulary software offered by the educational institutions where they study. Free software often can be accessed from the internet. Most software helps users to increase their vocabulary with games, exercises, and audio recordings.

Many education professionals believe that vocabulary software is beneficial to students at the high school level. Students who use this software often score better on their tests and find it easier to understand challenging course material. Aspiring college students can use vocab software to prepare for more advance classes and to earn higher scores on necessary proficiency exams.

Vocabulary software often is designed to assist individuals who are preparing to take standardized exams. For instance, many high school students in the United States take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), a proficiency exam that is required by a number of American college admissions boards. Software for the SAT often includes teaching tools that help users to learn and memorize words that commonly appear on this exam.


General vocabulary software might appeal to professional and aspiring writers. This kind of software often helps users to incorporate complex and sometimes obscure words into their vocabulary. Some types of software might be designed for specific professions. For example, an individual entering the world of business might benefit from a program that focuses solely on words and terminology used often in a business context.

Individuals who are trying to acquire a second language commonly use vocabulary software. Beginners' software primarily might use text in a user's native language to introduce vocab words from a new language. The text in intermediate and advanced second language software might be in the language a user aims to master. Second language vocabulary software tends to include illustrations that users match with vocab words and common dialogue, such as conversations about the weather.

Some types of vocabulary software are designed specifically for classroom use. These programs might be divided into chapters or lessons that correspond with class material. Students who learn with this software also might use supplemental textbooks and workbooks. Much classroom software often includes assessments that instructors can use to track the progress of their students.


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