What are the Different Types of Vitamins for Thinning Hair?

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There are many different types of vitamins for thinning hair. B vitamins are very good for hair, as are vitamin C and vitamin E. It is also beneficial for those who are concerned about thinning hair to take a multivitamin containing zinc, folate, iron and calcium. Vitamins for thinning hair, however, have not been scientifically proven to assist in hair growth.

All B vitamins are good for healthy hair. In particular, B7, or biotin; B9, or folic acid; and B5, pantothenic acid, are good vitamins for thinning hair. Folic acid encourages the production of new cells, which makes hair strands thicker and healthier. Biotin has been found to strengthen hair and is found in many hair products, though it cannot be absorbed through the hair. A lack of pantothenic acid can be shown to decrease hair growth.

Vitamin C is important, because it helps the body grow collagen, which holds body tissues together. A lack of vitamin C can lead to split ends, which restricts hair growth. Vitamin E encourages blood circulation in the scalp, which can cause hair to grow faster. Along with vitamins for thinning hair, protein also is an important element. Hair is primarily made of protein, and a lack of protein can diminish hair growth.


Although these vitamins for thinning hair can assist in the growth of thicker hair, they can do only so much to stop hair from thinning. One major key for one to avoiding thinning hair is to avoid hair products that have harsh chemicals as well as hairstyles, such as perms, that can damage hair. Healthy hair can be encouraged by a general healthy lifestyle, including exercise, drinking water, sleeping well and limiting the use of alcohol and tobacco.

Vitamins can be used to encourage healthier hair, but they cannot stop hair loss. Hair thinning is generally a natural part of aging, and almost all men's hair will thin over time. Hair loss is generally determined by genetics and family history. In some cases, it can be because of extreme stress, iron deficiency, hormonal changes or improper nutrition.

It is normal for someone to lose 50-100 hairs per day. Scalp hair generally lives for several years before entering a telogen, or resting, period. After a few months in the telogen phase, the root of the hair will shrivel, and the hair will fall out. After the hair has entered the telogen phase, it cannot be "saved."


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Post 2

@Pippinwhite -- A reset button. That's funny. I need one too, I think. I'd love to have thicker hair. I think my thin hair is genetic, since it's just like my mom's. My sister got my dad's hair -- thick and luxuriant. Well, I guess I got the good teeth, eyes and skin, so I should be grateful. It's just aggravating when I have to buy body boosting shampoo and conditioner in an attempt to make my hair look thicker.

I may take a page out of your book and see if prenatal vitamins will help me. They're supposed to be pretty comprehensive, nutrition-wise, so I'll try them out. A bottle is about the same price as expensive volumizing shampoo, so we shall see. I'll post back if I see good results.

Post 1

I've never had thick hair, but my thyroid issues the past few years have really thinned it out. I am going to find one of those multivitamins that claims to be good for hair and take them. A friend of mine said prenatal vitamins made her hair look great. I may try them. Looks like they have most of the vitamins mentioned in this article, so I may give them a go for a couple of months and see how well they do. It would be impossible for them to make the issue worse!

Having thyroid issues is the pits. If I thinned as much as my hair, I'd weigh 90 pounds. Unfortunately, the reverse is true. What a crock. I swear I just need a reset button for my body! Maybe that would improve things.

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