What are the Different Types of Vet Tech Jobs?

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There are a variety of veterinary technician, or vet tech, jobs available for people interested in caring for animals. The majority of vet tech jobs are found through private clinics or through animal hospitals. These technicians may work with veterinarians to provide care to animals brought in by their owners. Other vet tech jobs can be found in the research sector, either testing medication or handling the laboratory animals. Vet techs may also work at zoos, animal shelters, and an assortment of rescue leagues.

Most veterinary technicians find vet tech jobs through private animal clinics or animal hospitals. They usually work side-by-side with a licensed veterinarian, but, the job duties vary from clinic to clinic. In general, they are responsible for recording general information, such as weight, temperature, and any medical conditions that a pet may have. They may administer vaccinations, perform medical tests, clean an animal’s teeth, or take a blood samples. They may also assist the veterinarian during surgery and speak to pet owners during or after surgery regarding the status of their pets.

Other vet tech jobs may be found in the research or laboratory sector. In those cases, the tech may work at a research facility, college, university, or a school of veterinary medicine. She may study the effects of various drugs on sick animals or develop a new way to take x-rays of animals.


Sometimes vet techs are hired to handle animals in laboratories that are used to study effects of drugs for humans as well. For example, a new cancer drug may be given to a cancer-laden rat to see its effect. The vet tech may be responsible for administering the drug, feeding the rat, or euthanizing it.

Although only a small percentage of vet tech jobs are found at zoos, a few others are available at rescue leagues and animal shelters. In a zoo, she may engage in educational activities with the public. She may also feed or clean the cages of various zoo animals. Rescue leagues and animal shelters may hire a vet tech to work with abused animals or she may simply provide basic care to lost or abandoned dogs and cats.

There are some vet tech jobs that do not require the tech to work directly with animals. For example, a vet tech may sell drugs to veterinarians in a set region. Although they must understand how their product works and the benefits or detriments associated with the drugs, they may not actually administer any drugs. For some people, this may be the ideal kind of tech job.


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